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You Haven’t Seen It?!

My family is a big movie family. We watch a lot of movies and we re-watch a lot of movies too. It isn’t uncommon to hear one of us say, “Ooh, I love this movie” or to hear one of us say, “You haven’t seen ______, well you must!”. As a matter of fact one of the boys living in my house right now (a son’s friend) hasn’t seen a lot of movies so they started a list of movies he must see to broaden his movie education so-to-speak.

My husband watches a series of movies every December, like clockwork and there are a couple movies that whenever they are available through Netflix we watch them but I have a couple of personal favorites. My topic today is “What is the movie that I tell my friends to see?” Well, that depends. These are my top, go back to and watch again and again movies:

Pride and Prejudice for the romantic in me.

Tombstone because I simply love the characters and their quotes.

The Mirror has Two Faces because it reminds me about self-empowerment al tied up in romance.

What Dreams May Come because it speaks to me on so many levels about spiritual connection and self truth.

The Fifth Element because I love the overarching concept that love conquers all but I love the characters and its a great sci-fi romantic comedy.

I am always looking for new movies so any recommendations on movies I should watch are more than welcome!

They are real to me

I’m a reader. I love books. I love losing myself in some fictional location, with fictional characters. Yes…before you ask….I love some of those characters too. Today’s topic is my three favorite book characters. As I read a lot I thought this was going to be much more difficult. Instead, I found that they came to mind easily.

  1. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice) – She is spirited and smart. She is proud but very discerning in understanding the people around her and for the most part a good judge of character. She is loved by her family and she deeply loves them back. She defends those she loves ardently and she is rather adventurous.
  2. Ellysetta Baristani & Rain Tairen Soul (Lord of the Fading Lands) – Technically they are two very distinct characters but once you read the Lord of the Fading Lands fantasy series you realize that indeed their is no Ellysetta without Rain and no Rain without Ellysetta. I love everything about these characters. I love their faults and their insecurities and I love that they are indeed better people when they are together. I reread this series every year.
  3. Gregori (Dark Magic) – I love the dark character of Gregori. He is a healer and gives his all to his people. He never thinks about the sacrifices he makes. He only asks for one thing, Savannah, his soul mate. There is just something about his dark mysterious personality that I love. I’ve read every single one of the books in the Dark Series and I often reread them.

So, tell me, what characters have you read about and have quickly become a favorite of yours?

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