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You Haven’t Seen It?!

My family is a big movie family. We watch a lot of movies and we re-watch a lot of movies too. It isn’t uncommon to hear one of us say, “Ooh, I love this movie” or to hear one of us say, “You haven’t seen ______, well you must!”. As a matter of fact one of the boys living in my house right now (a son’s friend) hasn’t seen a lot of movies so they started a list of movies he must see to broaden his movie education so-to-speak.

My husband watches a series of movies every December, like clockwork and there are a couple movies that whenever they are available through Netflix we watch them but I have a couple of personal favorites. My topic today is “What is the movie that I tell my friends to see?” Well, that depends. These are my top, go back to and watch again and again movies:

Pride and Prejudice for the romantic in me.

Tombstone because I simply love the characters and their quotes.

The Mirror has Two Faces because it reminds me about self-empowerment al tied up in romance.

What Dreams May Come because it speaks to me on so many levels about spiritual connection and self truth.

The Fifth Element because I love the overarching concept that love conquers all but I love the characters and its a great sci-fi romantic comedy.

I am always looking for new movies so any recommendations on movies I should watch are more than welcome!


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