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Big Audacious Dream

I believe it is important to have a dream that you are working toward. I also believe it is important that your dreams push you, challenge you, stretch you. I’ve also discovered that a dream should frighten you. Not to the point that you are too afraid to reach for the stars but it should scare you…. just a bit. 

I think most of my life I have been happy with the status quo and been too afraid to reach for my dreams. I’ve settled instead of believing that I could achieve the secret dreams of my heart. The thing is, I am technically middle aged and I realize that if I don’t reach for my dreams I will never risk the chance of achieving them. 

So, there are a a couple big audacious dreams in my life:

  • Travel internationally at least once every other year. 
  • Visit every state in the US
  • Become a published author
  • Be a philanthropist and patron of the arts
  • Earn a 6 figure income – through one or more income streams. 
  • To have the wardrobe of my dreams 
  • To live in a large house with plenty of room to entertain 

They may not seem like amazing goals to anyone else but to me they represent an entire way of life that I have yet to achieve. Every day I want to move towards these dreams becoming a reality. It will require lots of growth on my part and hard work and diligence but I can’t give up. 

More for me, more for you


I have never really felt that I had the power to really help people in a “life changing” kind of way but I have always wished that I could effect that kind of change. I have family members that are passionate about helping animals and eating only organic non-GMO foods, I know people passionate about helping those in third world countries, I know people that care about literacy and the arts. Truth be told, there are all kinds of ways to get involved in helping people and communities become better. If you are interested in, something the chances are you can find an organization to get involved with to help you effect change in regards to it.

I just never found that one thing that made me want to get out of my comfort zone enough to get actively involved in promoting it. That all changed six months ago when a dear friend asked me to look at a product that she thought could help my mother with her Alzheimer’s. I watched this video and decided that it was something that I needed for my own life. I’ve been taking it for six months and I am constantly surprised at what it is doing for me and my husband.

For my husband:

  • Sleeps better
  • Less problems eating gluten/dairy
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More energy
  • Happier in general – less moody

For me:

  • No ear infections
  • No sinus infections
  • Rare sinus headaches when I used to get them every week.
  • Way less stress and anxiety (Huge in my lien of work)
  • Sleep better
  • Fewer hot flashes

I’ve become an advocate of this product because I think everyone should be taking it. Its an all natural, clinically proven way to cut oxidative stress from your body. By 40% in 30 days! It’s been proven to slow down the aging cell process to that of a 20 year old. A 20 year old! You may not think this matters but oxidative stress is related to hundreds of diseases. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

The thing is I have the capability to help people have MORE health and if you are healthy then you have the world at your feet because without your health you have nothing. Why would anyone NOT want to do whatever they can to reset their bodies on a cellular level and have better health? The health industry is a $3.8 trillion dollar industry because we all care about our health. We know its important which is why we spend so much money trying to be healthy. But what if you could spend less than $2 a day and give your body the ability to reactivate it’s own cells? Why oh why would you not try it? I mean, people spend more than that on a single cup of coffee a day.

So, for me, my desire to have more health has led me to the desire to help other people have more health and yes, more freedom to live better lives. My life matters, your life matters and if I can help you live even one day better, healthier or one day longer then YES, I want more for you too.

A helping hand

How do you help your friends? For those that I call friend I would do anything to help them if it was within my power to do so. I’ve helped people move, I’ve opened my home for people to live in, I’ve given them food from my own cupboards, I’ve given them late night rides without asking questions. I have loaned money when I didn’t really have it to give. I’ve cooked friends meals, cleaned their house, run errands for them and the list goes on and on.

However, the best thing I can do for a friend now is tell them about something absolutely amazing! It’s called Protandim and it is a patented product from Life Vantage. It’s called “the little yellow pill” and it is a scientific breakthrough. It reduces oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days!!!!

We all know oxidative stress is bad but did you know that oxidative stress is linked to hundreds of diseases? Did you know that by reducing your oxidative stress you can help your body function at its best and help it heal itself? 

Check out this video to learn more:  ABC News Report

Watch the video. It only takes a few minutes of your time and aren’t YOU worth that? 

If you are as fascinated as I was then after watching the video click on the top bar that says ‘research’ and you will discover tons of scientific data! The FAQ sheet is there too! If you find it’s as awesome as I have, let me know I’ll show you how to order some! I’ve been taking it for 6 months and it is pretty AMAZING!!

Stress Less and Decompress


Okay….that’s just funny but in truth….stress doesn’t look good on anyone. The topic of the day is how do I take care of myself when I am stressed? Considering that I have a very stressful job, believe it or not it is ranked as the 5th most stressful job in America. For those who don’t know – I am an Event Planner/Project Manager. Funny thing is I didn’t know it was such a stressful job until other people started pointing it out to me and telling me that they heard where my job ranked in the nation in regards to stress.

I do know a lot of my friends often say, “I don’t know how you handle all this” or “I would lose my mind if I had to deal with that.”. It just seems natural to me. However, I have also learned to decompress and take advantage of the opportunities I get to unwind and stress less. One of the things that I have started this year is  Bullet Journal. (I’m loving it by the way!) One of the first things I put in my Bullet Journal was a page on Self Care. It’s important. No, it is more than that. It’s vital to my survival.

So, I highly recommend that you figure out what recharges, reenergizes and resets you body, mind and spirit. Know what things bring you pleasure and joy and make a go to list for yourself so when you are in the middle of being stressed out you know what to turn to decompress and find your center of balance again. Here is my list to get you started:



Are you content?

To be content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness. What exactly, do you need to be content? I’ve asked myself that question many times over the course of my life. Each time I have asked that question and taken the time to come up with an answer it has brought me clarity of direction.

We live in a world where instant gratification is more common than patience, where the quest for more…for bigger….for better is a driving force in people’s lives but truly….that doesn’t mean you are content. I know people who live off the grid with next to nothing but they are far happier than people I know who are wealthy. Getting and having things does not make one content. So, again, I ask….what makes you content?

The things that have made me content in life have changed over the years depending on where I am at in life. There are some common things like my husband and my children. My extended family but the things that make me content right now are seeing progress toward goals, studying a topic I have long been interested in and spending time with my mother who has Alzheimer’s.

I don’t expect that those things would make everyone content but it is what provides me with a state of peaceful happiness right now. I know that what will make me content will change and I am okay with that. The key is to being aware of what makes you content in the NOW. We all need moments of contentment. We all need to know what brings us peaceful happiness when the world can be full of such chaos. The trick is to enjoy your contentment when you need to but no get stuck there. Getting stuck there becomes disastrous but that is a whole different topic.

The Cooking Adventures of Jamie

One of my best friends has a way of telling the happenings of her day that just delight me. Inevitably her stories make me laugh until I cry. Here is a story from her adventures in cooking some gluten free recipes that she wanted to try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ha!!! Hilarious but beneficial. Here is what I made (I literally was cooking until 10:30!)

Kale Chips: These are really good…and addicting! There is a fine line between crispy and burnt. Burnt a batch but the rest turned out great. I have decided that I do not like the way they make the house smell (kind of like cooked broccoli) but they are tasty. They are just Kale pieces, rubbed in olive oil, sprinkled with salt. They actually do kind of taste like potato chips….


Feta, Blue Cheese, Pepper, crushed pistachios, & vinegar reduction dip (got the recipe from the guy at lola): Delicious!  But made a HUGE mess. Mixed in food processor, too sharp tasting, added some cream, too runny and lump, transfer to bowl, realize bowl is too small for whipping, transfer to third bowl, drop whisk and spray counters with runny lumpy green mess, get out hand beaters, add some room temp cream cheese, whip, spray counters once again with green mess (turns out bowl still to small), transfer to fourth bowl, whip to tasty perfection. Make a balsamic vinegar reduction, decide to sniff while cooking, very potent!, about pass out… won’t do that again.  All in all the dip is very good and I ate some for lunch. If I made it again I will put in less pepper and a smidge less cream cheese so it’s a tad sharper.
Almond Flour Crackers: Super easy to make batter. Could have made them thinner, the thinner they are spread out the crispier they are. Nobody told me (and I don’t consider this common knowledge) that wax paper should be peeled BEFORE cooling. Had to throw first  batch out because they were stuck to the wax paper. Tasty little things…kind of like the nutty wheat thins.
Nut Crackers: I like these best and they turned out tasty. Definitely a fine line between done and maybe 2% too toasted. They taste like toasted nuts. I had a few with lunch that maybe had a hint of “too done” but all in all a great cracker. I like them better than the almond flour ones. I will make them again but will roll them thinner and not cook them as long. The recipe called to bake them at 360 but that was too Smokey and I had to open the windows! Not my fault…. I was following directions…


Peanut butter whipped mousse: Made this as a filling for my chocolate crepes (coming soon). Used the organic peanut butter as I figured it would be okay in something. It was not. Even my whip cream does not like organic peanut butter. It made it turn lumpy and foul in seconds.  I threw it out and started over with Jiff. It’s super yummy!!!
Gluten Free, Carb Free, Sugar Free Bread: Here is where things got tricky. I did not want to use all of almond flour for bread so since I had coconut flour I decided to go half and half. Who knew that coconut flour is SUPER absorbent and ate up my eggs and milk like a no other! Turns out (according to chef google) that  coconut flour has to be used quite sparingly. For example, a loaf of bread made with almond flour takes 2.5 cups of almond flour.  A loaf of bread with coconut flour takes 1/4 cup of coconut flour! So here I am with my 1.25 cups of coconut flour, and 1.25 cups of almond flour trying to make a “batter”.  I just kept adding eggs, cream, and water and figured I would just see what happen! I had to cook it twice as long. Smelled good, looked like bread, sliced like bread but it was so DENSE, I had to drink a glass of water just to get it down. Tried toasting it, it just crumbled. I saved it and will try to make French toast with it but I am going to have to call that a do over. Gluten Free Carb Free Bread = 1, Jamie 0.


Last but not least the Gluten Free, Carb Free, Sugar Free crepes. Delicious!! I made them for breakfast this morning and was quite impressed with myself. No trying tale to tell. Everything went as planned. They looked like crepes and they tasted delicious!!! I got 3 crepes from (1) egg and (1) TBS of coconut flour. I whipped a TBS of cream cheese, with a couple scoops of cottage cheese, added  a TBS of Splenda, and a TBS of Lemon Juice for the filling and topped with fresh smashed blueberries. They were quite tasty!!! Next time I will use fresh lemon and ricotta but I had to work with what I had avab.


All in all here is what I learned:
-Doing that many dishes really dries my hands out

-Coconut flour has super powers

-Some times thing catch fire and it’s not my fault

-I need to purchase a taller bowl suitable for hand whipping
-Cooked Kale smells like dead feet but makes a tasty treat

-Jiff PB only has 30 more calories, 2 grams more fat, and 2 grams more sugar that organic…and worth it!!! A person can burn that off with 40 jumping jacks!

I am going to try and make crepe lasagna tonight….maybe….

The Wii Fit Revolution

We have a Wii

Of course we have every other game system man has created too – between my husband and my three teenage sons we have more technological “New and Latest” crap (my word definitely not theirs) in our house that I can’t keep it all straight. When the Nintendo Wii entered our house I was impressed. Finally a game system that addressed the couch potato syndrome that drives me crazy about video games. (Not that I haven’t enjoyed the sometimes quiet that said games bring to my normally chaotic house)

I have to admit – I like a round of bowling…but with the Wii Fit having just been released (my husband was third in line the morning it hit the stores) I think I am quickly becoming a full fledged convert. I quit attempting to play video games when my three year old son could beat me at Mario. That was over fifteen years ago and I have watched many an hour of my husband playing video games or watched my children try and beat the latest game craze but I have steadfastly refused to participate.

So…enter Wii Fit…my husband and I have decided to use it as a “game” we can play together and “get in shape” together. We pulled it out of its box…doesn’t look so intimidating…it’s just a board you stand on. We turn the machine on, insert the “game” and VOILA! welcome to a whole new world. Within a few moments you are entering your height, (it calculates your weight automatically), It gives you your BMI and your current age based on the information gathered. I am three years older than my actual age – not good!

I most assuredly have to lose weight – a lot of weight and board that has somehow become very intimdating agrees. It took my swanky little Mii character and plumped her up right in front of my shocked eyes and then I laughed. My husband’s character plumped up too it was quite funny. You get to set goals and you have over 40 different exercises you can do. Hula hooping? Sounds fun – except this is hard. You have to make the movements like you are actually hula hooping but you have to stay in your center of balance. By the way – your center of balance isn’t how you normally stand or function. That is the point – we let our bodies compensate for things like not standing correctly etc and it affects our health.

Once you get over the machine tossing words like “overweight, obese, couch potato” etc at you it can actually be fun. It is extremely entertaining and a fifteen minute workout on that little board will work up a sweat and tire you out. I think my favorite thing so far is the step class. That is fun and I could do that for a long time. They say if you don’t work out to not go longer than thirty minutes to start.

I don’t think I have to worry about that…for awhile…but for now I’m just enjoying the process and I am most assuradly one of those people jumping on the Wii Fit bandwagon. I think everyone should get one and for anyone who needs motivation to start exercising this is a great and fun way to get started.

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