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The Beauty of Math

You know, I can’t even remotely claim to be good at math. It was never one of my best subjects in school and I struggled to get good grades. I was good at accounting until I convinced myself I wasn’t (that’s a whole different discussion) but take me past the basics and you pretty much lose me. 

So, I may not be a mathematician but I can appreciate the beauty of math. The fact that everything in our universe can be broken down into a mathematical equation leaves me in awe. That you can figure out missing pieces from a few numbers or that you can make accurate projections based on a few numbers amazes me. (Again, I should probably remind you I’m confortable with basic math). 

Math is it’s own language. Some say it is the language of the universe. I admire people who are good at math. I wish I was better at it, truth be told. Math definitely has its own beauty. Have you ever seen fractals? A fractal is a never-ending pattern. (Don’t forget the patterns are mathematical equations). Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. 

This represents the inherent beauty in math to me. It’s my joy to share an image of this with you: 

The Gift of Art

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt it call to something deep inside you? The longer you look at it the more you feel it belongs to you? That it has a special message just for you? 

I’ve never considered myself an art expert and I am certainly no artist but I do own a few pieces of art that have touched my soul and bring out this vibrational energy within me, every time I look at them. 

One of the pieces that I love the most was one of the last pieces of art created by my friend and mentor Megan “Greywolf” Garcia. She told me it was her depiction of stepping from this life into the radiance of spirit. She transitioned from this world not long after she gave me this piece of art from the sacred space she called home. 

Every time I see it I think of her. I connect with her spirit and all the lessons she taught me come rushing back but more than that, it has the power to move me “forward”, to empower me. As a mentor to me it was her last gift of wisdom although it contains no words. 

It is priceless.

So as I sit here, looking at it, I wonder….. do you have a piece of art that has touched you? Changed you? Continues to inspire and speak to you? I would love to know what it is and why it means so much to you. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagination is the most powerful tool we can use to create changes in our life. All spiritual and quantum teachings tell us that the reality we observe is not separate from our inner reality, the way that we think. This powerful statement means that we create what we see. When you are aware of this knowledge you can start to become aware of your inner picture and then you’ll start to notice how your inner picture very slowly will materialize into your reality. Albert Einstein told us imagination is the preview of life’s comings attractions. So if memory is our rewind to the past, imagination is our fast forward to the future.” – Spiritual Science (

In the blog post references above they also talk about Tesla and the fact that his creative process was primarily done in the mind. Yes, you heard that right. It was done primarily in the mind. By his own words, “My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.” He would do this process with his imagination.

Can you conceive of that? Can you do that? “Nikola Tesla created all of his inventions with the power of his imagination. He made a very clear mental picture and start building it up from there and only until he saw the machine in perfect detail up and running in his imagination he started to materialize in on the outside, without a prototype. He brought it to life, like he became one with the machine.” – Spiritual Science

I grew up my whole life with the phrase “if man conceive it he can achieve it.” the creative process, the imagination we are gifted with as human beings is what allows us to manifest things into reality. Its how every single invention was made. It starts as an imagined thought in someone’s mind and they work with it until they can create it in the physical world. We are so powerful and we don’t even know it.

The power of our thoughts, our imagination can literally change our lives, even our world. We are all energy. Each one of us vibrates at an energetic level. We attract to us things, places, situations and people that match our vibration. Ever met someone and felt they were “off”? Ever walked into a place and felt something was wrong with place? Ever been in a situation where everything seems above board and good but it just doesn’t feel good to you and you can’t explain it? That is our innate ability to feel energetic vibrations and recognizing that we are not in sync with the energy vibration being presented to us.

How do we change our vibration? Well, our thoughts are an vibrations too and “what we think about comes about”. Why? Because we are sending that energy out into the divine and it answers by sending back to us what we are vibrating at. Thoughts are energy and we can use our thoughts to raise our frequency into higher vibrations that will produce a higher quality of life. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”-Nikola Tesla.

Imagination is the key. So give yourself permission to daydream. Give yourself permission to imagine all the possibilities. You are literally the creator of your environment. Quit blaming the world for the circumstances you are in and create the world of your dreams. Start visualizing it and then create it. You can do this! I know you can and if you can and I can and everyone else can we have the power to radically change our world.

Happy imagining!


C . r. E. a. T. i. V. i. T. y.

*taken from the Premier Event Connection  ( blog post, As that is the blog I write for my company I get to hijack it, if I feel like it. 😊)

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Anyone who has been involved with the creative process knows that getting stuck or hitting a wall is part of the process. Everyone struggles sometimes to renew their creative spark. Being in a business where we need to stay creative makes that a bit of a bigger challenge so we have to have ways to re-energize that creative spark. Here are the just some of the ways that we do that: • connect with someone you think is creative and let their creativity generate some new ideas for you.

 • change up your routine.

 • doodle

 • play a game

 • free write

 • listen to new music

 • keep an idea journal with you at all times

 • play with toys

 • color

 • listen to a TED talk

 • take a class

 • get cooking in the kitchen

 • explore the outdoors

 • research on Pinterest

 • create a vision board

 • talk with children

 • walk through an art gallery

 • watch movies
Creativity is all about being open to the impressions of life as they flow and swirl around us. Its about letting that energy flow out of you and create something unique to you. Enjoy the process and don’t give up when you feel like you’ve hit a snag in the creative process. It’s easy to spark again.

Take that step

Everyone has goals. Dreams of their heart. Things that excite them. Things that seem so audacious you are afraid to go for it. For those ruled by fear, we keep these things silently inside us, ignoring the call to do, be, and achieve. We talk ourselves out of action and, let me tell you, we are pretty good at coming up with logical reasons as to why we are better off delaying action, or flat out not taking action at all. 

Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Um….yeah! I’m no different then anyone else. I have big dreams and there are some very real fears hanging out in my head and heart that are keeping me from the life of my dreams. 

However, there are those that face their fears. Face the voice of doubt and insecurity head on. Those who keep their eye on the big goal and take the first step toward their dreams. The interesting thing is that once you take that first step the next one becomes easier and easier and easier until you don’t question. You don’t doubt. You don’t fear. Often times the first step is the biggest hurdle. 

I’ve surrounded myself with people that challenge me to go for my dreams. I will admit it scares the crap out of me but it also calls me to a higher level of BE-ing. There are definitely things in my life that I haven’t overcome my fear and made progress on but I’m learning and each small step is a step of victory. 

So today….my encouragement to all of you is this: no matter how frightening it may seem do one thing, make one step toward your dreams today. Reach for the stars and if you fail at least you fail while daring greatly. This is the adventure of life. 

Sun or Shadow

I’m an event planner by trade and yesterday I had an event. It was gorgeous weather and everyone was out enjoying it. I was enjoying it as best I could but from where I standing I was half in the sun and half out of the sun most of the event. I moved into full sun whenever I got the chance but it wasn’t until later that evening when I got home that I got to see the results of my day in the mirror.

My whole left arm was a nice pink turning red from the sun. My face was pink on the left too but not as dramatically as my arm. I had little splotches of pink on my right arm but it was very uneven. My husband and I just laughed and I put on after sun lotion with the hopes it wouldn’t be so noticeable in the morning (Which it wasn’t) but it did give me a perspective about life.

Lets say the sun is us, living our life to its fullest and the shadow is us, hiding our gifts, talents, and dreams because we are afraid or don’t believe we can have what we want. There are aspects of our lives where we are more than happy to stand in the full glory of the sun and let ourselves be seen. To express our divine perfection. Then there are areas in our life where we hide in the shadows afraid to be seen. Afraid to let anyone see our talent because they might expect us to actually do something with it. Afraid to dream because we don’t believe we have what it takes to achieve those dreams. We hide just out of reach of the sun, playing it safe but longing for the warmth of the sun.

However, when you take a look at yourself what you are left with is an uneven life. If we focus on only the areas where we feel comfortable being “seen” then those areas grow out of proportion creating a huge division in our inner soul. Creating darker shadows for us to hide in for the other sides of us. We can choose to stay in the shadow and live an unfulfilled life. A life of regret and frustration. However, if we step fully into the sun in all aspects of our life and find balance in expressing our gifts and talents then we become a nice golden tan, healthy and happy.

It’s not easy finding balance, one can easily get burned but if we are aware and focus on balanced living we will find ourselves enjoying all aspects of life and being fully engaged in the living out of our passions, gifts, and talents. It is the kind of life worth living.

So today has been about me exposing my talents and dreams to the sun. The shadow is no place for me. I want to glow with the radiance and warmth of the sun.

Only a Writer

“A writer is a world trapped in a person” – Victor Hugo

Unless you are a writer, I don’t think people truly understand this. It’s hard to explain to people that there are worlds, characters, ideas and concepts that never leave you. That are never more than a heartbeat away.  It’s even harder to explain how those worlds and characters interact with you before you ever get them down on paper. 

I used to tell people I would write when the voices got too loud and I could not ignore them anymore. It may sound weird to some but yes, I am actually having conversations in my mind with different characters. Things happen around me and it sparks off an internal landscape that grows and shapes itself until I can’t ignore it anymore and it has to go somewhere. 

I dream about stories. I dream about characters. I get frustrated when what is in my head doesn’t come out on paper the way I experience it in my mind. I write and think it’s awful. I get anxious about other people reading my work because it’s such an integral part of me that their feedback has the power to destroy me or lift me up. 

I struggle with ending’s because, for me, their stories don’t end. Where do you call a life finished? Complete? As I write romance is that the moment when they recognize in each other a great love? No. For me that is the beginning. 

Ernest Hemingway Quotes. “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” I understand that. I feel it. I experience it. The thing is, it’s like a kind of madness I cannot escape even if I wished to. This is the burning flame within my soul and a good day is when I fan the flames and let them burn higher. 

Say it shortly

I was challenged to tell my life story in 5 sentences. Easy? Um….not. Actually once I sat down to write it I realized that a lot has happened in my life. After all, how does one take 5 short sentences and explain the last 47 years.

I’ve seen this type of poetry done before and I have seen many people successfully tell stories through this method but I have never tried it before. There are some great 5 sentence stories on WordPress if you look for them and there are even scary 5 sentence stories too.

So here is my life in 5 simple sentences:

An idyllic childhood raised by loving and strong parents allowed her to take joy in her own children’s lives as they grew to strong young men. Her husband of twenty-seven years saw her through untold joys and sorrows as life whirred by like a roller coaster. Mid-life brought new challenges, taking care of parents, entrepreneurship, and the desire to create newness in her life where once children filled her world. Now, today, she embraces the unknown and looks forward to adventures yet to be taken, knowledge yet to be learned and life still to be lived.

Now….. your turn.

Life Swap

You know those shows on television where the wives swap and go live with another family? Where they get to spend time in someone else’s life? Well, what if you could swap places with an fictional character?  Who, oh who, would you be?

I would be Elleysetta Baristani. She is the main female character in the Tairen Soul Series written by C.L. Wilson. Ellysetta believes she is a plain woodcarvers daughter but through fate she discovers she has magical abilities which belong to the Fae. Not only that she is the destined mate of the King of the Fae and the Tairen.

As she learns to love him and accept she has magical powers she begins to blossom and he plain woodcarvers daughter begins to be replaced by the powerful Queen of the Fae. She has abilities but only uses them in defense of those she loves. This is a series about love beyond measure, self acceptance and the beauty of magic all balanced by to costs of such gifts.

I would love a soul connection kind of love where you literally are two halves of a whole. I think I’ve found my forever love and as we have been married 26 years I think we are doing pretty good. I would also love to be able to control the elements . I think I am drawn to the raw power of nature and to be able to manipulate it or control it to do magical things would be totally amazing. Last but not least I’m a huge fan of the Fae and shape shifters so being connected to both would be so amazing. Can you imagine being part of the Fae or legend? Can you imagine being able to change form into something else?

Anyway….this is my dream….my fictional character I would be. Who would you be and why? Curious minds want to know.


Life Quotes

I’ve already say that I am quote junkie. I actually used another word but you get my meaning. I love them. There is always some succinct way of saying something that expresses how I feel in a moment. My outlook on life or perhaps the way I want to see the world around me. I use quotes to express myself and to inspire me to be a better person.

My thought for today is what is an important quote to you? Well, there are many as you can imagine but I think I’ve held onto this one the longest. I don’t even remember who said it but it is never far from me. I just love it. So here is my little gift to you today:

“The impression of life comes in and touches us and every last touch is a revelation showing us something about ourselves.”

Impression: an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence. The Impression of life comes in…..comes in through our own personal filter, through our thoughts, our feelings, our opinions and touches us because we are sensory beings and we exist in a sensory world. It’s how we process things. It’s what makes us….us. And every last touch is a revelation showing us something about ourselves because each touch comes through our own filters and shows us what is right or wrong within us not what is right or wrong within the world. That is why three people can go through an experience together and all have a different version of it. Because we are different. Our filters are different. What you define as good/bad, love/hate, joy/sorrow etcetera is not going to be the same for me.

Our life experiences are teaching us about ourselves not about other beings experiencing “human-ness” so why do we always assume that everything is happening to us? That we are victims of circumstances, situations and other people? We control our filters. We have the power to change them but so many people are blind to this concept. So, yes, I LOVE this quote and I remember it frequently. May it give you something to ponder and perhaps it will become a favorite of yours as well. If the words resonate with you , perhaps, just perhaps you will let this “touch” come in and show you something about yourself and may the discovery be exciting.


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