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You’re a walking billboard 

Bet you didn’t know that. Everything about you is an advertisement for something. The hair care products you use, the clothing styles you wear, the material goods you purchase. Even the food you eat and the beverages you drink are advertising something. 

Know the worst part? We are unconscious about this most of the time. We don’t even realize we are broadcasting these things to the world around us and we certainly aren’t aware we are constantly being programmed the same way. 

Know the best part? We are in control of the message. It may not seem like it but we are. We control the message we send out into the world and yes, believe it or not, we can control which messages to receive into our consciousness and make truth- or our beliefs if you will. 

Truth is we are a walking, talking billboard. That won’t change. So what messages are you broadcasting into the world? 

Married to a Ninja

You are probably asking yourself if I am being serious right now. Here’s the thing, my hubby has the knack of disappearing and reappearing so when it happens the kids and I call it “him being a ninja”. 

What are we talking about? How does someone disappear and reappear? We haven’t figured that out. Here’s an example: 

Hubby goes through the door from the house into the garage (this is a door clearly visible by the kitchen, dining room and living room). A few minutes I go out to the garage to ask him something and he’s not in the garage. I come in the house and he’s coming out of our bedroom. No one saw him leave the garage and come in the house. 

Now I could understand if it was just me but everyone in the house not seeing him? Everyone has experienced this with him which is how he got the ninja nickname. He of course thinks we are all crazy. 

This is just one of those weird things that make you go hmmm. Anyone else experience “ninja stealth” moments in their life? Just curious. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagination is the most powerful tool we can use to create changes in our life. All spiritual and quantum teachings tell us that the reality we observe is not separate from our inner reality, the way that we think. This powerful statement means that we create what we see. When you are aware of this knowledge you can start to become aware of your inner picture and then you’ll start to notice how your inner picture very slowly will materialize into your reality. Albert Einstein told us imagination is the preview of life’s comings attractions. So if memory is our rewind to the past, imagination is our fast forward to the future.” – Spiritual Science (

In the blog post references above they also talk about Tesla and the fact that his creative process was primarily done in the mind. Yes, you heard that right. It was done primarily in the mind. By his own words, “My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.” He would do this process with his imagination.

Can you conceive of that? Can you do that? “Nikola Tesla created all of his inventions with the power of his imagination. He made a very clear mental picture and start building it up from there and only until he saw the machine in perfect detail up and running in his imagination he started to materialize in on the outside, without a prototype. He brought it to life, like he became one with the machine.” – Spiritual Science

I grew up my whole life with the phrase “if man conceive it he can achieve it.” the creative process, the imagination we are gifted with as human beings is what allows us to manifest things into reality. Its how every single invention was made. It starts as an imagined thought in someone’s mind and they work with it until they can create it in the physical world. We are so powerful and we don’t even know it.

The power of our thoughts, our imagination can literally change our lives, even our world. We are all energy. Each one of us vibrates at an energetic level. We attract to us things, places, situations and people that match our vibration. Ever met someone and felt they were “off”? Ever walked into a place and felt something was wrong with place? Ever been in a situation where everything seems above board and good but it just doesn’t feel good to you and you can’t explain it? That is our innate ability to feel energetic vibrations and recognizing that we are not in sync with the energy vibration being presented to us.

How do we change our vibration? Well, our thoughts are an vibrations too and “what we think about comes about”. Why? Because we are sending that energy out into the divine and it answers by sending back to us what we are vibrating at. Thoughts are energy and we can use our thoughts to raise our frequency into higher vibrations that will produce a higher quality of life. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”-Nikola Tesla.

Imagination is the key. So give yourself permission to daydream. Give yourself permission to imagine all the possibilities. You are literally the creator of your environment. Quit blaming the world for the circumstances you are in and create the world of your dreams. Start visualizing it and then create it. You can do this! I know you can and if you can and I can and everyone else can we have the power to radically change our world.

Happy imagining!


Swimming Upstream

Have you ever felt like you cannot get ahead no matter what you do? Like you struggle for every inch of forward momentum in your life only to find you haven’t progressed at all? I call it swimming upstream. 

I’ve been in that place more often than not. I wish I could say that I’ve only ever seen that happen in other people’s lives but that isn’t the case. I set goals. I prioritize. I work hard. Sometimes that just doesn’t seem like enough.  Been there? Understand that?

I’ve had a few days lately where it definitely feels like I’m swimming upstream. I can see the dream. I can see the end result that I want but man this hamster wheel just keeps circling and circling. I think I need some new inspiration, some new focus. I think I need to see progress in a few things so I don’t feel like I’m fighting the currents. 

Anyone got some advice for getting out of the cycle? 

The power of reciprocity 

rec·i·proc·i·ty (noun)

the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

I did a live Facebook video the other day and I talked about reciprocity. I had been “triggered” by a question from someone in my industry and I found myself allowing that frustration to boil to the top and be verbalized. 

So here is the basis of my frustration- when you support people, their businesses etcetera and do not get supported in return it can make you feel very frustrated. Especially when you’ve been supporting some of these people for years. You begin to question “why you are unworthy of their support”. 

However, I want to get off that soapbox and speak to the concept of reciprocity. Going off the definition above reciprocity is an exchange that is mutually beneficial. I firmly believe that there is enough for all of us in this world to have all that we need so I get rather frustrated over “greediness”. So, the idea of supporting each other, referring each other for our special skills makes sense to me. 

If you’ve been ready my blog you know that  I think we all have special skills and talents.  I think those things are our gift to the world and if I support you in those things I am, on a grander sense, supporting the wholeness of the world. If I am greedy, thinking that just because I can learn how to do carpentry that I should do it over allowing someone who is a master craftsman at carpentry do the job then I am blocking both my growth and success and theirs. 

It doesn’t hurt to exchange services with others in a mutually beneficial situation, to support those around us, and take enjoyment in watching our family, friends, and neighbors succeed. It actually makes us better people. It makes them better people. 

I may not always receive reciprocity for the faith, support and loyalty I give out but I’m not going to let that stop me. How we move through this life is up to each one of us individually. You make your choice. For me, I am opening my heart and mind to others, willingly giving and hoping that they will reciprocate. 

C . r. E. a. T. i. V. i. T. y.

*taken from the Premier Event Connection  ( blog post, As that is the blog I write for my company I get to hijack it, if I feel like it. 😊)

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Anyone who has been involved with the creative process knows that getting stuck or hitting a wall is part of the process. Everyone struggles sometimes to renew their creative spark. Being in a business where we need to stay creative makes that a bit of a bigger challenge so we have to have ways to re-energize that creative spark. Here are the just some of the ways that we do that: • connect with someone you think is creative and let their creativity generate some new ideas for you.

 • change up your routine.

 • doodle

 • play a game

 • free write

 • listen to new music

 • keep an idea journal with you at all times

 • play with toys

 • color

 • listen to a TED talk

 • take a class

 • get cooking in the kitchen

 • explore the outdoors

 • research on Pinterest

 • create a vision board

 • talk with children

 • walk through an art gallery

 • watch movies
Creativity is all about being open to the impressions of life as they flow and swirl around us. Its about letting that energy flow out of you and create something unique to you. Enjoy the process and don’t give up when you feel like you’ve hit a snag in the creative process. It’s easy to spark again.

The curling path

My girlfriend took this photo the other day on our walk. The walk was in one of my favorite places – Point Whitehorn. I love the meandering path through the trees as you head to the beach. 

I have always loved this tree. I think the reason why is because it has such character. I mean, look at it, imagine the adversity it must have grown through to create such a twisty, curving trunk. It’s fascinating to me. 

This tree represents life to me. The path of life isn’t one straight line from birth to death. Life is a journey that twists, corners, rises, sinks and causes you to grow despite what environment you are placed in. As long as we are growing, pushing ourselves to keep going, be better, and challenge our circumstances then we each become this  glorious reflection of life in the world. Each beautiful in our uniqueness. 

Celebrate what makes you special. Embrace the winding path of life you are on because this IS life!

Average of Five

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” A mathematical way to work that out is to take the income of your five closest friends and then divide by 5. It usually comes out to or close to your yearly income. The theory is that if you want to increase your wealth start to move in a circle of people that challenge you to “rise” to their level. 

On the flip side of that, if you aren’t strong in who you are and where you are going, your friends have he ability to “lower” you to their level even if you are the biggest earner in the group. All in all it’s a conversation about these theee things:

  1. Don’t let who you associate with being you down to their level. 
  2. Are you content being the average of your friends?
  3. If you want to grow and increase then find a group of mentors who are living   In the lifestyle and financial bracket you desire and spend the majority of your time with them. 

That doesn’t mean if you are on welfare and barely making ends meet that you try and hang out with Richard Branson. There are a lot of steps between where you are and where you want to be. 

I didn’t believe this theory when I first heard it it I did the math and it was almost spot on. I also have checked when my finances are ebbing to see who I am spending time with, and yes, it was proven again. I’ve surrounded myslelf with people I would class as doing better than me and realized that they motivate me to be better, do better, stretch and grow. 

It’s an interesting concept to ponder. Try it out and see what you think. You might be surprised by what experience in the process. 

Happy discovery!

Sweet summer nights

It’s been another glorious day in the Pacific Northwest and I have been sitting behind my computer feverishly working since 7 am. The great thing about summer nights is that I can work late and still enjoy the sunshine with my dinner and a late evening walk before it gets dark. 

I love that if I’m not in the mood to cook I can always get my husband to BBQ. I am also not ashamed to admit I’m all about using paper plates in the summer. I mean, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen washing dishes? Not me. I also love that my body naturally craves lighter, cooler foods. Pass me the salad, please! 

Of course I also happen to love a good campfire but I am so not a camper. My idea of camping is not having room service. Seriously! I don’t sleep on the ground anymore. The days of that happening have long since passed. 

There are so many things I love about summer. Perhaps that is another post. Summer is a really busy time for me both personally and professionally and sometimes I feel like it passes me by in a blur even when I try to take advantage of it the best I can. 

Here’s to the sweet nights of summer and may we all enjoy them as much as possible! 

Double dipping

Double Dipping…. I am not talking about double dipping your veggies or chips in dip. Although I am sure I could make a post on that too. No today I am using the reference of double dipping in regards to the fact that for the next 90 days I have agreed to take part in the Team Heart 90 Day Live Facebook challenge and I blog. A lot of what I am doing in the 90 day Live video challenge is stuff I could just as easily write and post to my blog. 

I guess I decided to save myself some time and share across platforms as I can and maybe not have to create double the content. Cheating? Um….probably but that’s okay it won’t be word for word, just maybe theme for theme. 

So today in my live video I talked about taking action even when afraid. Now I am no expert on doing something despite my fear. I can honestly admit that yes, I have allowed fear to hold me back. I have allowed fear to make my decisions sometimes. It sucks. What’s worse is that no matter what I have told others I know the real reason I didn’t move forward, chase a dream, or take action. Living with my self after that is way worse than if I had just faced me fears head on and taken action. 

Fear can be debilitating. Paralyzingly so. You can literally have a whole body physical reaction to fear. I’m learning to not let fear stop me. I’m learning to take action despite the risk, real or imagined. I’m learning to stop the conversations in my head about doubt and unworthiness and I am learning to quit making excuses so I can stay in fear. I mean, who wants to live there anyway?

Everything I want, everything I dream about is literally on the other side of fear. I have to want those things more than I want fear in control. Believe me it’s a work in progress but at least I am consciously working on it. I’m choosing every day to take at least one step beyond my fear. 

Am I a raging success? Well, no but I can be as long as I don’t give up. As long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other. My point to all this? You can do it too. Just push yourself through the rapidly beating heart, sweaty palms, barely breathing moment and do it. You’ll live – I promise! 


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