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I will always…..

I’m finding that there are themes in my life and by blogging I am discovering just how tightly these themes are woven through me. For example: today’s topic is something I will always do. The first thing that popped into my head was writing.

It has been my go to since I was in high school. The way that I relax, express myself, get creative. It is such an expression of who  I am that I don’t even notice how it effects everything. A pen and paper, a computer or tablet are never far away from me and I can often be found jotting something down.

More than that though, I often turn to other people’s writing for inspiration and direction. I am a quote whore. I can pretty much find a quote that applies to anything. I love them. I surround myself with them. I send them to friends when they need a lift. So I guess you could say that I will always have writing and the written word in my life. Its as much a vital part of my existence as breathing.

What is that one thing that is so interwoven in your life that you simply can’t imagine your life any other way?

Can I live in the Past?

I have never been one to throw my political opinion around. I tend to keep pretty closed mouthed about it because all I have ever seen come from politics is strife and division. I firmly believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion and a right to pursue a life of happiness, however they define that. I am more than happy to honor everyone’s rights in this matter and all I ask is that others don’t shove their beliefs and opinions down my throat and disrespect my own right to believe as I see fit even if I am not vocalizing that opinion.

In an effort to maintain peace, I long ago decided to never discuss politics, even with family members. I would much rather spend time with those I love fostering love and connectedness then separateness and division. That doesn’t mean I live with my head in the sand pretending the world isn’t in chaos. Rather, I chose to focus on the positive and the things I can personally do to make this world a better place. I believe that what you put your focus on grows and I want beauty and light and love to grow.

That being said, one of the topics for this month was to share thoughts about todays events and I’ve put it off because I hate (and I do not use that word lightly) the light that is being brought to humanity at this time. The light that lets us see that for all our progression as humans we still have major root issues that divide us from the collective ALL. I’m watching families shutting each other out, friendships being destroyed, people spewing vileness, hatred, and division against the very people they say are doing the same and my heart weeps for us and the generations behind us that must find a way to bring connectedness to the ALL that we have been unable to do to this point.

So….I do my best to stay positive. To believe that the Divine works through everything, even when we cannot see it or understand it. And yes, I daydream regularly about living in the past where times were simpler. Where one was focused on homesteading and surviving not surrounded on every front by billions of people’s individual opinions and actions. While I can’t live during that time I can hold some of the things that helped people in that time live with me today.

  • Don’t expect a free handout
  • Always help a neighbor in need
  • Be strong and courageous
  • Live simply
  • Protect those around me
  • Believe in the Divine
  • Work for a better life

Being an agent for Change

I have a friend who passed away a year and a half ago and they were one of my closest friends. We talked about so much. It was so clear to me that he was an Agent of Change. He had this way of seeing people and working with people who allowed them to recognize things within themselves and create change. Real change. Lasting change.

He sometimes hated that chaos and disruption tended to follow in his wake  but he didn’t see that we cannot change if we are comfortable in the status quo. We need disruption, we need challenge and trial to prompt us out of our comfort zone. You can’t grow if you are happy where you are. If you aren’t growing then you are stagnating.

It has taken me a long time to get to the place where I welcome change. To the place where I face challenges with an eye to how I am going to grow through the situation. It has taken me a long time to accept my active role in the creation of my life, good or bad but since I have I am realizing that being an agent for change is a really good thing. If I can help bring about change in other people’s lives then I am assisting them to grow and if I am an agent of change in my own life then I am allowing myself to grow.

I refuse to look at chaos as a bad thing anymore. Chaos is simply the universe shaking things up so I can see something in a new way, experience something in a new way, learn something that will better myself. It isn’t easy to face life this way but it is so much more rewarding than to think I am a victim to circumstances and have no control over my own life.


Invitation to Dinner

When I was a little girl my Grandmother used to ask me who I would ask to dinner if I could talk with anyone in the world. I think it was her way of trying to figure out where my head and my heart were focused but over the years I have seen lots of people asking this same question and each time I think about it I feel like my answer is different.

When I was a teenager I would have named anyone of the music artists I listened to or perhaps one of the stars I had a crush on. It would never have occurred to me to use such an opportunity to learn and to grow. During my twenties it was all about people I respected as parental guides. Of course I was raising children and the people I respected were examples of the kind of parent I thought I wanted to be. In my thirties I would have chosen people who I admire in business. People who I thought could help me discover my strengths and my skills  as a business owner.

Now, in my forties I have realized that the people I would most like to meet are the people who can impact my spiritual growth the most. People I admire like the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra. People who can challenge me and inspire me to be a better person. To grow in wisdom. What I realize now is that who I am in this world affects every experience in this world. I would spend time with people who make me want to be a better person.

So, who would you invite to dinner? Who would you spend your time with if you were given a chance?

What frightens you?

Oh come on! You know! Everyone knows there is something that frightens you. It might not be something you are willing to openly admit but it is there just the same and you do know it. One of my sons is frightened by clowns and another has a thing about spiders in the bathroom. When I asked my husband what thing frightened me he was quick to respond: “Rats, but it doesn’t have to be a rat it can be a mouse.”

Okay, he has me there. Can I just say gross and move on? Just thinking about them gives me shivers and makes me scowl with a negative shake to the head. Definitely not my thing. Of course, my first thought was needles. Man I really hate needles. Ever since I was a little girl needles scare me. I really, really do not do well with needles. Imagine my horror when I got pregnant for the first time and discovered that you get pricked by a needle more times than I can count during pregnancy. Yes, I was that mom that asked my dad or my husband to take my kids in for their shots because I just couldn’t be the one to calm my crying child while they were being pricked by a needle.

I have learned to manage my fear of needles. I can cope and get through a blood draw or immunization as needed but I still feel uncomfortable around them. I’d really like to try acupuncture but…..needles. I’ve thought a lot about getting a tattoo but….needles. So, tell me what frightens you and is it holding you back in anyway or is it manageable?

Project Procrastination

I’m guilty! I admit it.

I try not to procrastinate as a general rule but I do have a couple of projects that I have been procrastinating on doing. The funny thing is, it isn’t that I don’t want the projects done or that I even think they will be hard…’s just that I simply don’t want to do them. I know I will feel better once they are done. I’ll feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders but those projects still sit there. They call to me, erode my enjoyment when I am relaxing and weigh on my mind.

I’ve even gone so far as to write out a task list of the projects, breaking them into smaller actionable steps but no, they sit, awaiting my impetuous to be completed. It’s one of those things I can’t figure out about myself. The why to these small procrastinations. I almost feel like they are a form of rebellion. Rebellion from, “adulting” as my kids say, rebellion from always doing what is expected of me, or perhaps just rebellion at having so many things to do to begin with. Regardless, there they sit, my Achilles heel in a normally productive life.

I know people often procrastinate major projects but I can’t be the only one who has these type of procrastinations on small, easily done projects. Do you procrastinate? What is something you are procrastinating and why?

Feeling like some Fiction?

I don’t know about you but lately with all the political hoopla going on I find that I love books even more. Books give me an opportunity to shut down the bombardment of opinions that are flowing from every direction like a tidal wave and for however brief a time, let’s me focus on something else.

Today’s topic was “What is the last book of fiction that you read?” Well, that is kind of unfair as I am never without a few fiction books in progress. I just finished three romances and returned them back to the library and that doesn’t even include the numerous titles I am reading on my Kindle. So….the actual last book I finished was 22 nights by Linda Winstead Jones. My review on Goodreads for this book is:

“This was an interesting story about General Merin, who unbeknownst to him married Belavalari through her tribe’s customs on the night before he left their village. When General Merin returns to the village to bring Bela to the Emperor as a potential bride he discovers the truth and must submit to being bound to her for 22 days and nights before a divorce can be granted and she is free to be presented to the Emperor.

However, nothing as is easy as it sounds like it will be for these two, who have no love for each other and do not want to be married. Add in a magical sword and some danger and 22 nights might be long enough to change their minds.”

It was a pretty quick read and it allowed me to transport myself to another world and that is exactly what I needed. So tell me, how often do you use reading as an escape from the realities of life or the stresses you are faced with everyday?

We’re Styling

“What three words describe your style?”

I found I hard a hard time with this. There is the style I wear at the moment but then there is the style that I want to wear and am moving towards. To choose three words to describe my style felt like defining myself and I feel like I am in transition, at least when it comes to style.

So, here goes. My current style can be described in these three words: Casual, Classic, Business. I work from home so I spend a lot of time in casual attire but when it comes to clothes I select they almost always have a classic look to them and of course when I am not in casual attire I am usually dressing for work related outings so I dress for Business. It works for me right now but it’s not what I really want to dress like.

The style that I want to develop and am leaning towards can be described in these three words: Retro, Classic Elegance. Its taking me awhile to figure out what I want for my own style and now I just have to work towards updating my closet.

I would love to know what you describe your style as and why. I love learning these things about others and it helps to broaden my own horizons. Who knows? Maybe there is something else out there I am missing on incorporating into my own style.

Music Motivates Me

Today’s topic is super easy for me. What music makes me feel adventurous? First, I have to say that I love music. I am very eclectic in my music selections. Mostly because I find that music is a way for me to tap into my energy and emotions. I think my family gets tired of hearing me say, “Ooh! I love this song!” whenever the radio is on but its true. I love music.

I once heard a quote and I can’t remember who I heard it from but it goes, “If mathematics is the language of the universe than music is its voice.” Man I love that. I think of it all the time. Music is something that can touch people universally despite language barriers. It is so powerful and I can’t imagine my life without music.

Music can fit every emotion but we are talking about music that makes me feel adventurous. That would have to be Electronic Dance Music. It has to be good mood, feel good, get your heart pumping, faster pace music. It literally makes me move faster and I can feel the energy in my body increase. When I listen to it I feel like I am up for anything.

What music motivates you? What music gets you ready for an adventure?


Two little words

Random topic of the day for Friday, January 20, 2017 is “Words I want to share with others.” Hmmmm…is that not the entire exercise of writing a blog? I guess for some writing a blog has many different meanings or at least their intent behind writing them is different but as my tagline on my blog says, “Creative expression through the written word” is my focus for my blogging.

It’s about me writing because I love writing. Its about me finding a way to express the thoughts and opinions that roll around in my head that I pretty much keep to myself among family and friends. Its about me learning about myself and acknowledging the life lessons as they come in a verbal format.

Do I think I am some super wise person that has some incredible insight to share with the world? No. Do I think there is something special about my thought processes or my way of communicating? No. So, what words do I want others to know?

Here it is in a small nutshell: I AM.

I am no more than my fellow-man and I am no less than them either. I am the teacher and the student. The lover and the fighter. The friend and the foe. I am an individual but I am also part of the all. I am equal to the worst in humanity and the best in humanity. I AM. But here is my secret and I gladly share it with you…..I AM but so are you! I own my identity but I see you and I choose to embrace you as the ALL too.

I think that is the thing people forget. They have a choice on how they choose to see things. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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