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Watercolor Pour

So today I learned how to do a watercolor pour. I am so excited about this art form that I can’t even begin to express it. From the first moment I saw a completed piece I fell headlong in love with it. My new goal is to become a watercolor pour artist. Never mind that I have never considered myself a truly artistic person. This whole process is about playing and looking for the artistic expression that is revealed in the pour. I can’t wait to go buy a bunch of watercolor paint, watercolor paper and just get started playing. My friend taught me the method tonight and I already have 2 pieces half way finished. I think I have discovered my next big passion. (Scrap-booking being first…so far.) I have the sneaking suspicion that watercolor pouring and creating mosaics (the next thing I want to learn) will probably be my two biggest loves. Although I have discovered I am interested in painting gourds too. I don’t really know where all the creativity is coming from but once the floodgates were opened it has all come rushing out of me and I can barely contain it.

Run Over by the Crazy Train

So if you read my last blog you would know that my landlord is the craziest woman ever. We have been looking for a new place to rent so that we can get off this “crazy train” ride we have been on with her. In the process of looking through home rental ads and property management company postings we saw our house listed. Available for rent September 1, 2009 for $100 more per month than what we are currently paying.

We aren’t even out of the house. We talked to her 3 days ago and told her that we were going to begin looking and most likely be out for sure by the end of the year at the lastest and October 1st at the earliest. Where the hell does September 1st come into that time line I ask you?  Not only that – we came home today and found a for rent sign in the driveway. Never mind that she called us an hour before and wanted to make sure that we were still going to be depositing the September rent in her bank account on the 1st – as if we didn’t know she is trying to get it rented out from under us by then!

She drives me freaking nuts! We are trying to find something that fits our family and business needs as we both work from home that is also within our price range. Not always an easy task but certainly not easy in 10 days. So, despite what she thinks she is getting from us – we will continue to look at our options, pack and plan to move ASAP but that woman has got to get ot of our lives. P.S. – between you and me, if she thinks I am paying her September’s rent when she is doing all these absurd things behind our backs she is high as a kite. Never! No way!

Jumping Off the “Crazy” Roller Coaster

Have you ever met someone that seems to be really nice and then as you get to know them better over time you discover that they are freaking CRAZY? The bounce from normal to nuts in 2.5 seconds and you get caught on some kind of weird ride on their personal emotional roller coaster. Well, I have such a person in my life. That alone makes my life, well crazy sometimes, but to make matters worse it happens to be my landlord. Yep, you head me correct…my landlord.

We’ve lived in our house for two, count them, two years and over that time we have been subjected to the craziness of her ups and downs repeatedly. We have discovered a pattern to this ride we are on with her. Literally every three to four months we get a phone call or an email telling us that she is “evicting us in under two weeks”. First, who the hell asks someone to move in two weeks without prior notice? Second, it is always for some reason entirely based on her emotions, like “I just don’t feel the house is right for you”. We always talk to her and the next thing we know we get told “how grateful she is that we are her renters and that she wants us to stay forever.”

I can tellyou, we have been through her almost losing the house for defaulting on her home loan (2 months after we moved in by the way) to her deciding to sell it (twice now). We have done multiple improvements to the house and keep communication clear, open and honest with her. At first I used to get rocked emotionally by her strange behavior. Getting angry, crying, feeling depressed and overwhelmed at the thought of having to try and move at the last minute.

I had gotten to the point where I just expected the freak out to come and as on target we got the expected email three days ago telling us to be out of the house by August 31st. (thats 11 days people!) So, this time I told my husband that no matter how much I loved this house, no matter how much I loved the view that I was done riding on the crazy train with our landlord. I want to move.

Now, I don’t really want to move. I hate the packing, cleaning, searching, negotiating and draw on our finances that come with moving. However, I hate this emotional crazy roller coaster that our landlord thows us on every few months more. So, the search for a new place is on and all the chaos that comes with it. I’m putting it out there to the universe that I’d like a place like the one I am in or better with a landlord we love.

Been Gone So Long

Wow! I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted anything to this blog.  I had every intention of writing in this blog daily but…life ran away with my good intentions. So, here I sit in my living room renewing my intention to write this blog. I don’t really know much about blogs but I guess that isn’t really the point. The point, for me, is to have a place to write the Monologue Musings of my mind. This is the place to rant, to rave, to share my joys and my happiness. This is the place to present pieces of my writing and hopefully not get too much censure for my efforts.

So lets create a baseline on my life to build from…I am 40 years old, married to a wonderful man for the last (soon to be) 19 years and a mother to four children, three of them my sons and one step-daughter that has become a good friend.  Our step-daughter is twenty one, married and has a darling little boy making us a Nona & Papa (grandparents).  Our oldest son just graduated, our middle son is close on his heels and our youngest starts high school this year.

I own two companies and crazy fool that I am, I am working on a third and possibly a fourth. My finances are all a jumble and I need to find a new place to live, sooner rather than later. I’m looking for a part time job because I couldn’t possibly be happy not using every minute of the day, as if! I have a million things to do and seem to have no time to do them. So many times I find myself wishing I was doing somthing other than what I am doing at the moment, like writing on a story instead of watching a movie or painting instead of doing dishes. Lately I find that my creative side is wanting to take over so who knows where that will take me.

Okay, enough for one night.

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