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Watercolor Pour

So today I learned how to do a watercolor pour. I am so excited about this art form that I can’t even begin to express it. From the first moment I saw a completed piece I fell headlong in love with it. My new goal is to become a watercolor pour artist. Never mind that I have never considered myself a truly artistic person. This whole process is about playing and looking for the artistic expression that is revealed in the pour. I can’t wait to go buy a bunch of watercolor paint, watercolor paper and just get started playing. My friend taught me the method tonight and I already have 2 pieces half way finished. I think I have discovered my next big passion. (Scrap-booking being first…so far.) I have the sneaking suspicion that watercolor pouring and creating mosaics (the next thing I want to learn) will probably be my two biggest loves. Although I have discovered I am interested in painting gourds too. I don’t really know where all the creativity is coming from but once the floodgates were opened it has all come rushing out of me and I can barely contain it.


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