Creative expression through the written word

What Inspires Action?

I often wonder just how people come by their inspiration. What word or thought or deed triggers an inspiration that literally changes a persons life? I’m not talking about big dramatic moments although what I am talking about could lead to those too. I am talking about those little decisions that spark a whole series of changes within someone…creating a whole person (good or bad).

I am an avid reader and I often find myself wondering how the author of the current book I am reading got the inspiration to write their book. How did someone got inspired to write a play? an Opera? a movie? What inpires someone to draw, to paint, to sculpt? What made someone pick up an instrument? What made someone learn a new software program?

Lets take it to another level. What inspires a person to change their eating habits or they way they dress? What makes someone decide to handle their money better or get more organized? What do you think makes a person reach out to another and offer their hand in friendship or in help? What makes a person take the first steps toward change, toward something new and unknown in their life?

Perhaps the biggest question of all is why do some people take action and others do not? If two people take a class and learn the same thing then why does one person walk out unchanged and the other embraces change and does something with the information? Why do some people take inspired action toward their dreams and others do not? I don’t know why there are times in my life when I am inspired to take action and embrace change and at other times why I am inspired but never do anything with it. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Can anyone tell me why they get inspired to take action?


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