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Procrastination is an Art Form

I have so much work to do that my tasks have sub-tasks and my to-do list just keeps growing but I am not seeing much coming off the lists. Hours pass and I wonder how so much time could have gone by without getting as much done as I want. That being said, when I get so much to do that it becomes overwhelm, I tend to find myself procrastinating on my tasks. It seems so much easier to get distracted by social media, reading, phone conversations etc than figuring out exactly where to  start on my tasks.

The thing is, I am a very organized person which is why it seems so odd to me to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed. I work really hard at keeping organized and on top of things so I don’t reach the overwhelm stage. I hate looking for the motivation to just jump in and tackle things once it reaches this stage. Guess I just need to figure it out and jump in both feet first until things get done. I know I will feel better once everything is back in order and my tasks are few and organized into easily doable steps. When that happens I feel like I can take on the world. Right now though….I’d rather eat a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie.

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