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See the good

Today is no more special than any other day with the exception that I choose to see it as a good day. What makes it a good day? Well, for me, it’s a good day because my husband has the day off and we are together. We aren’t doing anything spectacular. Just running errands and basic household chores but its the taking pleasure in each other’s company that makes it so good!

I could easily just let the day be, oh I don’t know….just another day but I am literally giving up hours, minutes, seconds of my life I won’t ever get back for this day and I refuse to let it “just be another day”. It’s a full 24 hours of me expressing myself in this world and I want it to matter. I want to fall asleep at night with a smile knowing that I lived well today, even if all I physically did was the mundane chores of life.

What are you doing with each day you are living? Are they good? Are they full of life and at the end of the day are you satisfied that you exchanged a day of your life for what you accomplished? If your answer is no then I think you have some changes to make.


All in a Good Day

Everyone as a good day. You know it is a good day because of how you feel as you move through it. Maybe you wake up happy, maybe everything goes exactly right, maybe you just feel good physically. Regardless, you are aware when you are having a good day. Do you remember the last good day that you had? Do you remember the best day you in the last two weeks? How about the last week?

My best day last week was actually Valentine’s Day but not because it is a romantic day for lovers. Rather it was my best day because for one reason after another each person who lives in my house had something delay them from getting home or they just made plans and everyone was gone. You might ask me how this makes it a good day for me but when you always have people around and you never really have time where you are allowed to just be alone, it can mean a lot.

Then of course, when my husband made it home we actually went out to dinner which we almost never do on Valentine’s Day simply because he is often working and because we often stay home and have a “movies in bed”  kind of night. I had plenty of sleep so I woke up refreshed. I was relaxed and refreshed from the quiet time I had before he got home and having quality time alone as a couple was exactly what we both needed. We even went to bed early because he had to be up around 4:30 am for work but it didn’t matter. It was nice to just be us for a couple hours.

So what makes a good day for you? What happens that makes you fall asleep with a smile on your face saying to yourself, “that was a perfect day.”?

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