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The Wii Fit Revolution

We have a Wii

Of course we have every other game system man has created too – between my husband and my three teenage sons we have more technological “New and Latest” crap (my word definitely not theirs) in our house that I can’t keep it all straight. When the Nintendo Wii entered our house I was impressed. Finally a game system that addressed the couch potato syndrome that drives me crazy about video games. (Not that I haven’t enjoyed the sometimes quiet that said games bring to my normally chaotic house)

I have to admit – I like a round of bowling…but with the Wii Fit having just been released (my husband was third in line the morning it hit the stores) I think I am quickly becoming a full fledged convert. I quit attempting to play video games when my three year old son could beat me at Mario. That was over fifteen years ago and I have watched many an hour of my husband playing video games or watched my children try and beat the latest game craze but I have steadfastly refused to participate.

So…enter Wii Fit…my husband and I have decided to use it as a “game” we can play together and “get in shape” together. We pulled it out of its box…doesn’t look so intimidating…it’s just a board you stand on. We turn the machine on, insert the “game” and VOILA! welcome to a whole new world. Within a few moments you are entering your height, (it calculates your weight automatically), It gives you your BMI and your current age based on the information gathered. I am three years older than my actual age – not good!

I most assuredly have to lose weight – a lot of weight and board that has somehow become very intimdating agrees. It took my swanky little Mii character and plumped her up right in front of my shocked eyes and then I laughed. My husband’s character plumped up too it was quite funny. You get to set goals and you have over 40 different exercises you can do. Hula hooping? Sounds fun – except this is hard. You have to make the movements like you are actually hula hooping but you have to stay in your center of balance. By the way – your center of balance isn’t how you normally stand or function. That is the point – we let our bodies compensate for things like not standing correctly etc and it affects our health.

Once you get over the machine tossing words like “overweight, obese, couch potato” etc at you it can actually be fun. It is extremely entertaining and a fifteen minute workout on that little board will work up a sweat and tire you out. I think my favorite thing so far is the step class. That is fun and I could do that for a long time. They say if you don’t work out to not go longer than thirty minutes to start.

I don’t think I have to worry about that…for awhile…but for now I’m just enjoying the process and I am most assuradly one of those people jumping on the Wii Fit bandwagon. I think everyone should get one and for anyone who needs motivation to start exercising this is a great and fun way to get started.

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