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Jumping Off the “Crazy” Roller Coaster

Have you ever met someone that seems to be really nice and then as you get to know them better over time you discover that they are freaking CRAZY? The bounce from normal to nuts in 2.5 seconds and you get caught on some kind of weird ride on their personal emotional roller coaster. Well, I have such a person in my life. That alone makes my life, well crazy sometimes, but to make matters worse it happens to be my landlord. Yep, you head me correct…my landlord.

We’ve lived in our house for two, count them, two¬†years and over that time we have been subjected to the craziness of her ups and downs repeatedly. We have discovered a pattern to this ride we are on with her. Literally every three to four months we get a phone call or an email telling us that she is “evicting us in under two weeks”. First, who the hell asks someone to move in two weeks without prior notice? Second, it is always for some reason entirely based on her emotions, like “I just don’t feel the house is right for you”. We always talk to her and the next thing we know we get told “how grateful she is that we are her renters and that she wants us to stay forever.”

I can tellyou, we have been through her almost losing the house for defaulting on her home loan (2 months after we moved in by the way) to her deciding to sell it (twice now). We have done multiple improvements to the house and keep communication clear, open and honest with her. At first I used to get rocked emotionally by her strange behavior. Getting angry, crying, feeling depressed and overwhelmed at the thought of having to try and move at the last minute.

I had gotten to the point where I just expected the freak out to come and as on target we got the expected email three days ago telling us to be out of the house by August 31st. (thats 11 days people!) So, this time I told my husband that no matter how much I loved this house, no matter how much I loved the view that I was done riding on the crazy train with our landlord. I want to move.

Now, I don’t really want to move. I hate the packing, cleaning, searching, negotiating and draw on our finances that come with moving. However, I hate this emotional crazy roller coaster that our landlord thows us on every few months more. So, the search for a new place is on and all the chaos that comes with it. I’m putting it out there to the universe that I’d like a place like the one I am in or better with a landlord we love.

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