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Take that step

Everyone has goals. Dreams of their heart. Things that excite them. Things that seem so audacious you are afraid to go for it. For those ruled by fear, we keep these things silently inside us, ignoring the call to do, be, and achieve. We talk ourselves out of action and, let me tell you, we are pretty good at coming up with logical reasons as to why we are better off delaying action, or flat out not taking action at all. 

Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Um….yeah! I’m no different then anyone else. I have big dreams and there are some very real fears hanging out in my head and heart that are keeping me from the life of my dreams. 

However, there are those that face their fears. Face the voice of doubt and insecurity head on. Those who keep their eye on the big goal and take the first step toward their dreams. The interesting thing is that once you take that first step the next one becomes easier and easier and easier until you don’t question. You don’t doubt. You don’t fear. Often times the first step is the biggest hurdle. 

I’ve surrounded myself with people that challenge me to go for my dreams. I will admit it scares the crap out of me but it also calls me to a higher level of BE-ing. There are definitely things in my life that I haven’t overcome my fear and made progress on but I’m learning and each small step is a step of victory. 

So today….my encouragement to all of you is this: no matter how frightening it may seem do one thing, make one step toward your dreams today. Reach for the stars and if you fail at least you fail while daring greatly. This is the adventure of life. 

Gradual Goals

I think most people can name off a “grand” goal that they are wanting to accomplish. Everyone has a mental bucket list of things they want to do. I could name off several of my own goals but I am slowly becoming a believer in the fact that small goals are far more important than the “grand” goals.

That isn’t to say that one shouldn’t work toward the “grand” goals but that getting to them might be done more easily if you focus on small goals that eventually lead to the bigger goals. Learning to do this is something that I learned from my job. You take a large concept and then work backwards to create small but actionable steps that all lead up to the fulfillment of the large idea.

My question of the day is “what three goals” I want to accomplish this month. That seems easy enough since we are only talking about something that can be achieved in thirty-one days. So here is my three goals:

  1. to take a walk at least three times a week
  2. to rearrange my living room
  3. to get a complete month done in my bullet journal

I hope that everyone achieves success this year by taking those small steps that lead into bigger steps which lead into those “grand” goals being accomplished.

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