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The power of reciprocity 

rec·i·proc·i·ty (noun)

the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

I did a live Facebook video the other day and I talked about reciprocity. I had been “triggered” by a question from someone in my industry and I found myself allowing that frustration to boil to the top and be verbalized. 

So here is the basis of my frustration- when you support people, their businesses etcetera and do not get supported in return it can make you feel very frustrated. Especially when you’ve been supporting some of these people for years. You begin to question “why you are unworthy of their support”. 

However, I want to get off that soapbox and speak to the concept of reciprocity. Going off the definition above reciprocity is an exchange that is mutually beneficial. I firmly believe that there is enough for all of us in this world to have all that we need so I get rather frustrated over “greediness”. So, the idea of supporting each other, referring each other for our special skills makes sense to me. 

If you’ve been ready my blog you know that  I think we all have special skills and talents.  I think those things are our gift to the world and if I support you in those things I am, on a grander sense, supporting the wholeness of the world. If I am greedy, thinking that just because I can learn how to do carpentry that I should do it over allowing someone who is a master craftsman at carpentry do the job then I am blocking both my growth and success and theirs. 

It doesn’t hurt to exchange services with others in a mutually beneficial situation, to support those around us, and take enjoyment in watching our family, friends, and neighbors succeed. It actually makes us better people. It makes them better people. 

I may not always receive reciprocity for the faith, support and loyalty I give out but I’m not going to let that stop me. How we move through this life is up to each one of us individually. You make your choice. For me, I am opening my heart and mind to others, willingly giving and hoping that they will reciprocate. 


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