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And take a deep breath

Have you ever been in a situation where someone else created a problem and it becomes YOUR problem to come up with a solution and make it work for everyone involved? Oh, and could we add in the additional pressure of a short time line to get the problem resolved and the inability to spend any money to make any of the possible solutions happen? Lets just top it off with about 25 people all looking at you for the answers and lets just make sure that you are so busy you can hardly think straight let alone be “creative and thinking outside the box”. Yep, this is my life for the last couple of days and the resolution has to be in place and completely rock solid by Friday at 10:00 am.

It’s amazing how many emotions you can go through in a day when you are in the middle of this kind of a situation. I’m honest enough to say that all those emotions haven’t been exactly “sunshine and roses” and there have definitely been times when I thought people would be able to see steam rolling out of my ears but I will say there is something very satisfying about figuring things out and pulling all the scattered pieces together.

I realize I am being paid to handle these kinds of situations but there are times when I wonder why, exactly, I have signed on to accept so much stress in my life. Late nights, early mornings, and the cycle goes on and on. No matter why I have chosen this path, the fact remains that I have and those aggravating components of crazy situations like I’ve been dealing with lately won’t go away without some dedicated focus. So I guess rather than deliberately avoiding the little gremlins that popped up this evening to make my 10:00 am Friday deadline even more difficult I should quit blogging and get back to it.

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