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Well tonight was interesting to say the least. I arrived home and went into my room to change out of my work clothes. Its a habit that allows me a few minutes alone before the family descends on me with needs.

Tonight when I got home my husband was in our room waiting to talk with me. That in and of itself is not an unusual occurance. What he had to tell me was. Our daughter had called earlier, before I got home. She has been making plans to relocate to Washington from Minnesota with her boyfriend. They have been talking about jobs, travel costs, apartments….you know, all the usual things you have to plan for.

This time when she called she wanted to discuss advancing their plans to sooner rather than later. She wanted to come at the end of October instead of the end of December. So…only a month and a half instead of three and a half to prepare for them to arrive. Well it can be done. Not easily but with planning it can be done.

Okay so that conversation was easy and we discussed what we needed to do to move plans up a bit on the timeline but it was my husband’s next words that threw me for a loop. He said, and I quote, “She’s engaged and five weeks pregnant. ” Okay…engaged is big enough news but Pregnant? That is HUGE! Sometime in late April we, my husband and I, are going to be a Nona and a Papa. Our very first grandchild (at the age of forty).

We are excited, we are worried, we are happy for them, we are terrified for them. A new phase of their lives and a new phase of life for our sons who will be uncles, a new phase of life for us. Where did all the time go? I was just geting excited about the kids almost being done with school so we could be empty nesters…guess that isn’t going to happen now. Our kids might leave home but know we will have grandchildren to fill the use with laughter and childish joys.

Well….here’s to a new adventure. Hold onto your seat we are in for a ride and I’m sure there will be lots of blogs about them living wih us and the journey of becoming new grandparents.

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