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The Moment of Change

We all have those moments where we are forever changed. From one breath to the next we are different people. The change can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual but the moment still transpires. If we are lucky we are fully aware of the transition as it is happening. Often times, we are caught in the drama of the moment and don’t realize the change has occurred until after the fact.

I have had many moments where I know for a fact that I was changed. I think big moments are easier to recognize, like when I graduated from school, became a wife, and becameĀ a mother. Those are huge life changes and once you step over the threshold you literally cannot go back to being who you once were. But what about those moments that do not get such huge recognition and fanfare? Are they any less significant? I don’t think so.

Here is an example – Back in 1996 I went to work in a sales office in Denver, Colorado and on my first day one of the sales team walked into my office to greet me and this amazing thing happened. She took a seat next to my desk and we both just looked at each other with this awareness. Two souls recognizing each other. Literally I believe that is what one of us said to other, something like “there you are.” It was an acknowledgement of what was undiscovered but known between us.

We became fast and deep friends. The lessons she taught me about myself, my mindset, my spirituality, my finances and my business acumen are invaluable to me. She awakened me to truths about myself and in exchange I did the same for her. It was like being two sides of the same coin. Over time, life happened and we went our separate ways but this woman still remains, to this day, a milestone in my life. There is before I met her and after I met her. That may sound crazy to some of you but it is what it is.

Even to this day, I will wake up and have this sense that she is having a bad day, an emotional day, an extremely happy day. I feel connected to her even with thousands of miles between us and many years of minimal communication. The interesting thing is she inevitably reaches out to me when I need to hear from her the most. Again, two sides of the same coin.

This is just once instance that I can think of where these moments of change just occurred and I am a better person because of it. I must say, not all of my moments of change were inspired by happy things. Some of them have been sad, traumatic and emotionally devastating but I have come to realize that these moment of change are what make life such an interesting journey.

Having a parent with Alzheimer’s has made me a litte….hyper-sensitive to being aware of memories or perhaps that I am making memories. More so that memories aren’t guaranteed to last forever despite what we think which makes them all the more precious. 

My topic for the day is, “what moment will you always remember”? I have so many major memories that I would say fall under this question but I think perhaps outside of my wedding day, I would say it was the moment my first born was placed in my arms and I realized  my life had changed forever. 

Suddenly there was this little being wholly dependent upon me from the basic necessities of life to wisdom, manners and the forming of their values and ethics. I was responsible for their life until they could be responsible for it themselves. 

That moment everything really did change. It was the beginning of the life I find myself in now and that moment was the first of many decisions as a parent. It is a cornerstone to a major part of my identity. 

Everyone has these moments, these significant markers in their lives where they can look back and pinpoint that it WA he defining moment of change. What was yours? 

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