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Marked by the Moon

Book Review of Marked by the Moon by Lori Handeland

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If your whole existence was killing werewolves and you suddenly became one but no one would kill you to put you out of your misery what would you do? If your whole mission in life was to torture and then kill the woman that had killed your wife but you find instead that desire overrules that mission, what would you do? If a killer was out there, stalking both of you…would you allow the things that divide you to separate you even more or would you bond together and fight for survival? This book answers all those questions. The story line itself was pretty good. I wasn’t really sure I believed the whole “magic” that the hero Julian possessed. That part would have probably been more believable if the people he made wolves exhibited similar traits, even if not to the same level as he had them. Otherwise it was a fast read and I really enjoyed it.

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