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Lessons Learned

Sometimes it takes longer to learn lessons so the universe just keeps bringing the opportunities around for you to learn until you actually do. How often do you say, “not this again” or “why does this always happen to me?” If you say things like that it is often a sign that there is some kind of lesson that you need to learn that you just aren’t getting because you keep repeating the opportunities to learn.

I have a few of those lessons myself but other’s I have “for the most part” conquered and come out the better for having finally learned what I needed to know. So here are a couple lessons that really changed my life.

  1. The faster you own up to your part in everything that happens to you the faster you can heal, grow and move on. We have a tendency to want to blame everyone and everything around us instead of just accepting that we are co-creators of our experiences. When you can accept that and take responsibility for creating the situations you find yourself in, the easier it is to get through them. (and yes, there is always some way, some thing that you did, thought or said that helped create every situation.)
  2. Pride is not more important than people. This doesn’t mean be a doormat. This means that you shouldn’t let your own pride keep you from accepting that we are all fallible. We all make mistakes, act out, say harsh things etcetera. Place your value on the relationship and not on being right.
  3. Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean you are really sorry if you repeat the behavior. It means you were sorry you got caught in the moment but not enough to stop the behavior. Really being sorry means you want to stop the behavior that caused the problem and you will do everything in your power to not do it again. In my opinion, don’t say the words if you can’t back it up with the actions.
  4. Living your life with Integrity isn’t easy but you have way less problems in the long run. If you are authentic and real and have strong moral principles people will know what to expect from you and as the saying goes, “you teach people how to treat you” and I have found that if I am authentic and walk through life with integrity I naturally pull people toward me that are the same and believe me, that is worth it.

The thing is, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You have to decide for yourself what works and what doesn’t. You have to be true to yourself but in that, pay attention when the universe is sending you opportunities to learn and grow. If you pay attention and take time to learn from your experiences your life will change and you will grow.

Cat calls

I don’t know how, exactly my cat Buster knows when we are eating cereal or ice cream….I used to think it was if we were eating out of a bowl but he knows if we are eating something else and he leaves us alone. Doesn’t even pay attention to us. 

It’s not smell either because he knows what is inside before he even gets close enough to smell it. I think his intuition is finely honed. But once he is certain it’s a treat he will enjoy he becomes Mr. Stealth as he works his way as close to you as possible. If you push him away he becomes Mr. In Your Face and he will even go so far as to stick his face in your bowl. If you still push him away then you should be prepared for him to act like he doesn’t care as he swishes his furry tail into whatever you are eating in the hopes you will just give up and give it to him.

He cracks me up. I think I need to take a page from his book and hone my deciphering  and intuitive skills. Then use them to identify the sweeter things in life I can enjoy. After that it’s all about being determined in getting what I want. Oh the life lessons being taught by my cat….

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