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Personal Interview with Hazel Dixon Cooper

Hi Hazel!

My first experience with your work was, of course, Born on a Rotten Day. I must tell you that one of my families’ favorite things to do when my older brother visits home is to get out your book and read each other’s pages out loud to each other.

We laugh until tears come to our eyes over the oh-so revealing truth of our personalities. I am thrilled to be able to get the opportunity to tell you in person how much your books have touched my life, my family’s life and how very excited I am to read through your newest addition to the “on a Rotten Day” series!

I have so many questions for you…

•  How did you get interested in astrology?

 Hazel: I’ve been interested in astrology since I was a teenager. It’s been practiced in one form or another in every civilization for 5,000 years.

•  What got you started writing astrology related books?

 Hazel: I was writing a humorous horoscope for a local news magazine and decided that it would be fun to write an entire book based on the “rotten” side of each Sun sign.

•  Do you still do personal charts for people?

Hazel:I intend to start consulting again by the end of this year.

•  Have you ever had people get angry or upset with you for being able to “read their personality” so well?

 Hazel: Not from a consultation. Most people find it very helpful to learn about themselves. However, my friends and family sometimes give me “that look” if I skewer them a bit when they are acting out their dark side. Of course, that’s a two-way street and I get filleted too. Regarding my books, people come up to me all the time to say that the chapter on their friend or relative was right on target. However, I was, “just a little off” about them. Makes me laugh every time.

•  Hazel, I noticed on your website that you personally respond to all letters? How do you find time for that?

Hazel: I love hearing from my fans around the world and answering their questions. It’s one of the highlight’s of my day.

 •  What main message do you hope your readers will get from the Work on a Rotten Day book?

Hazel: That by learning the basics of each Sun sign personality at work, and by realizing the bad on-the-job behaviors of not only their colleagues, but themselves, they can take more control of their work environment.

•   I was recently told that humor is a very touchy subject and that what is one man’s humor is another’s deadly insult. Can you tell me why you chose humor as your medium for discussing astrology?

 Hazel: I believe we all need to laugh more, especially at ourselves.  Humor is one of the common traits shared by every culture on Earth, yet people often take themselves much too seriously. Most astrology books tell you how wonderful you are and barely mention your dark side. I felt that using humor would not only appeal to readers in a fun way but make what can be a very dry subject more interesting.

•   How do you balance your hectic work schedule and personal life in order to find time to write?

 Hazel: My day averages 12-15 hours, but astrology/writing is my day job and I treat it accordingly–use a to-do list, try to stay organized, take breaks, all the things you do at work. The great part is that I don’t have to wear makeup and heels!

•   Do you have any suggestions for other want-to-be writers and/or astrologers?


 – Study and practice. Be consistent. The best writing advice I ever received was from author John Dufresne who said, “The first rule of writing is to sit your ass in the chair.” That’s true of anything you want to learn or do. You can’t write or learn astrology or anything else if you aren’t consistent. I recently read that Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day watching TV. That’s in addition to Facebooking, Twittering, emailing, and texting. There are many ways to find the time to devote to something if you want it bad enough.

 – Find a support group or study group. Don’t be reluctant to sit in on many groups, either online or in person. Finding a good fit is important.

 – Don’t give up. If you have a passion for something, don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Everyone has a secret dream and when that little voice in our head keeps nagging that we should attempt it, I believe that’s our soul’s message that it’s probably something we’d be good at.

•   You don’t seem like the kind of person to go too long without working on something new. What is your next project?

 Hazel: You’re right. As I mentioned above, I plan to return to personal consulting this winter. I also have another Rotten Day project in mind, and am working at learning to write fiction.

•   Do you have any special events on the horizon?

Hazel:  My blog tour continues through the month of October. I’ll be talking to listeners on Cosmo Radio, Sirius 111/XM 162, Weds. 10/13 at 2 pm PST, (5 pm EST).

Well Hazel, I am super excited to share with your fans that you are offering a signed copy of your book to someone of my selection. To make this fair, I have decided to enter all the people who post a serious comment or question about you or your “on a Rotten Day” series into a drawing. I will announce the winner here…so stay tuned!

Hazel: Thank you, Trina, for having me here today. I enjoyed it so much and look forward to hearing from your readers!

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