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Pacific Northwest Glory

I’m a very lucky person because I get to live amongst the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived other places but this has always been the place that calls to my heart as home. I love the area I live in too. I am an hour from the mountains:

And I am twenty minutes from the ocean:

I am two hours away from two Major cities. 2 hours north to Vancouver, Canada and 2 hours south to Seattle, Washington.  I live in “farm country” but I am 15 minutes from a large college city. 

Today, for no other reason than to go on a walk with my girlfriend, we headed to one of my favorite places to walk. To give you an idea of what the walk was like, we were surrounded you this beautiful forest:

These are the views that make my heart sing and make me love where I call home. Yes it can be rainy. Yes, it can be overcast and gloomy. No, it doesn’t stop us from experiencing the great outdoors. 
Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a sandy beach and some sunshine just like everyone else but this is home. 

Home is where the heart is


For some people home is a country, a state, a city, a house. For me home has always been where my heart is, where my husband is. I’ve lived in several places but what makes those places home to me is the man I’m sharing my life with and the children that life together has created.

I don’t care where we live or even the style of home we live in. I care about being with him, being near my kids. I’m not saying that I expect to live by children for the rest of my life. In fact I hope I don’t. I want my kids to get out and explore the world. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t hope to be near them when they start having their own children but it wouldn’t make or break my life I they weren’t close.

I have always considered that Washington State is my home base and for a few years I truly felt like Denver was home but there is something about being nestled between the mountains and the ocean, Canada and Seattle that just feels like home. I think we all know home when we feel it. It isn’t something you can describe really. It is a feeling. A connection.

Once you find the place your heart calls home cherish it, love it and respect it. It isn’t easily replaced.

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