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The Making of a Friend

I am absolutely positive that my life would not be what it is or where it is if it wasn’t for my friends. Don’t get me wrong. I feel the same way about my family and my upbringing but friends are the foundation of my life. So the question becomes, how do you make a friend?

I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on how to make friends with people. I am sure there are just as many people who wish they could make friends easily. I believe that we are naturally gifted with an inner awareness of others, call it a sixth sense if you will. I “feel” people way before I move toward friendships. I know when someone feels “Right” or “Off”. The older I have gotten the more I trust that instinct. I don’t force friendships with people who feel “off” to me. If anything, I steer clear or at the least keep them at a distance.

It may not be the answer that people are looking for in how to make friends but it works for me. Once my intuition says, “go” then I often spend time looking for ways I connect with someone. Do we have similar interests? Similar spiritual viewpoints? Do we love the same kinds of food or beverages? Can we laugh together? Laughter and a great sense of humor is the biggest connector point I look for. Then I just listen to them. Really listen. People want to talk about themselves and if you are willing to listen you can learn a lot.

It’s not foolproof but as I said before, it works for me. How do you make friends?

Bye-Bye January

I’ve been looking forward to 201y for a number of reasons:

  • Its the year of the Rooster! (I just happen to be a Rooster so this is really good for me)
  • My husband just started working after again after a hiatus
  • One of my best friends from High School is moving in while she gets back on her feet after a rough year.
  • I’m planning on some travel this year.
  • I have a plan mapped out on how to get out of debt by the end of the year! (WooHoo!)
  • I have some personal and business goals that I am hoping to make progress on this year.

We are a whole month into 2017. A whole month is already gone and even though time moves quickly I am excited to see that I am making progress on the above list. I love that this past month has allowed me the time and energy to really focus and come up with some strategic planning. To really determine my heart and set a course for action. I’ve always felt like January is the foundation for the rest of the year. It sets the tone for what follows so I’m feeling really good about saying goodbye to January 2017 and hello to continued progress.

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