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That same old same old 

Spent some time adventuring today and it got me thinking how important it is to change up your routine. We are by nature creatures of habit. We get comfortable and then we don’t get out of the everyday groove.  It’s kins of sad really. We miss out on so much this way. 

I try and do things different all the time. I shop for groceries at different stores (even though I have a favorite). I go to different branches of my bank even though I like that my closest branch tellers know me.  I am constantly changing the kind of music I listen to (although that is more dependent on my mood).  I drive different routes to a familiar location. 

The point is that I get to shake off the dullness of sameness and I get to jump the ruts of routine. I will admit that sometimes it is hard to get me out of my comfort zone but once I am, I love it. I love newness. I love exploring. I love being open to adventure and new thinking. 

Change up your routine. Do something different, try a new coffee shop, grocery store, gas station. Go somewhere you have never been. It doesn’t have to be a big trip, it could be the next town over. Just get out or your rut and expand your horizons! 

Learning about Mary

I’m a mother of three sons. They are grown men at this point but one thing that being a mother has taught me is that sometimes you have to be adventurous. Children have a way of seeing the world differently then adults. The world is their playground and they can’t wait to play and explore it. I often think adults hamper the creative, adventurous spirit that children naturally have because we are too busy being “down to earth” and cautious.

That being said, my sons can often be heard  asking me “why nor?” I think I should preface this with the fact that we talk about everything in my household. There is no subject or conversation off limits and by no I mean NO subject is off the table. At first people can’t believe it, even their friends at first can’t believe that they can talk about anything and have it be okay but eventually everyone learns that its okay to voice the thoughts in their head, the ideas and yes, even the questions everyone wonders about but never discuss…..but I digress…..

Today’s topic is something new to try. Well, I find that I am often challenged by my kids to do things because as I said earlier, “why not?”. Not to mention if I am encouraging them to go out and experience the world I kind of have to lead by example. So I keep my mind open and I look for new things to experience and try. My something new this month is I have started learning about Mary Magdalene. I know – random. The thing is I have long held an interest in her and references to her like the movie the Davinci Code have only made that interest grow. So, I am finally going to learn about her. To see what I can discover about her, the Holy Grail and the symbolism that is all wrapped up together. Wish me luck on the new adventure. Who knows where it will lead but I’m enjoying the journey and learning quite a lot.

Something New

If you aren’t learning….you are stagnating. If you aren’t pushing yourself to grow and gain knowledge and wisdom then you are missing the whole point of living. 

Every minute experience is teaching us something about the world we live in or about ourselves and if we are really paying attention it’s teaching us both at the same time. The truck to learning is awareness. Being conscious as you move through your day and not just on auto-pilot. Noticing your interactions through this thing called life and seeing how each time we touch another living thing it shapes us and our perspective of the world.

Last year was not a good year for me. It was emotional and we struggled financially and I can’t honestly tell you how we made it through the year because it looked bleak all year. The thing is…we did make it. Day by Day by freaking, exhausting, emotionally draining day. 

Over the course of the year I had multiple friends telling me how strong I was because if it was them they would _______(fill in the blank). What I learned about myself is this: I can handle a lot of shit, an amazing amount actually and keep going as long as my foundation is strong. 

What is my foundation? My husband, my children, my friends, my faith. I also learned this: Being the strong one sucks sometimes because when you need to fall apart it often throws the world around you into chaos and then you have to fix the chaos and fix yourself. I can count on one hand the people I feel I can show that fragile, vulnerable side to but my life wouldn’t be what it is without them.

So 2016 was a year full of learning for me but at least I’m growing and everyday a better version of myself is out there living, learning and experiencing life. 

The twin syndrome

Okay, so you know that a lot of twins report experiencing each other’s emotions, feeling when they get hurt or injured. Well, I think of that as the “Twin Syndrome”. Its a special connection. Well, I am not a twin. However, there have been two people in my life that I experience that kind of thing with. Its rather disconcerting at first but as time goes on you learn the benefits of that kind of connection to another human being. I kind of think of it as being two sides of the same coin. Each side is unique but they are each a part of the other and together it creates a whole.

Well, one of these people in my life just had their birthday the other day so I have spent a lot of time thinking about them this week and last week. Even with all this time and distance between us know there is still this deep connection that resonated in my soul. There are days I wake up and just know they are having a bad day, an emotional day, a good day. I know if I were to pick up the phone and call them what I am feeling would be what they are experiencing in their world right now.

Then there is my other friend who I talk to all the time and then for several days I don’t hear a word. My intuition says…hmm, something isn’t right. They are going through some kind of discombobulating experience. I do pick up the phone and find out that yes, that is indeed what is happening. We talk for an hour and both of us find we are feeling better for having connected. Its like we are each other’s life line and when there is a tug on it because the person is “drowning in life experiences” the other is there to lift them back up into the safety of the boat.

I know I’m not the only person out there that experiences this phenomenon. I love to hear other people’s stories of how they have experienced this kind of thing. It truly supports the idea that we are all one, united together in this human experience.

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