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Chopra & Star Trek

I’ve been participating in the Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey 21-Day Meditation Challenge and today I went back and listened again to a previous day’s meditation on relating to others and turning individuality in universality. The basic premise of the thought for the day was “Happiness isn’t something you get from someone else. The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the happiness or love you give.” I know that. I understand that both on a mental level and in a heart to heart level. It’s the working it out in daily life that is the challenge.

Our whole world is focused on the “what’s in it for me?” thinking that its hard to respond in the “what can I do for you?” thinking. I was raised with the “Be that which you desire” concept and I try to walk in that level of integrity every day but I am by no means perfect. Just ask my friends and family. This Be that which you desire thing is not an easy thing to do. It’s so much harder to BE loving when you are feeling unloved, BE forgiveness when you hurt, BE peace when you are angry etcetera. It takes a constant renewing of your mind to live this way.

Chopra says, “When you meditate and make an “inner shift” your relationship with the world will be effected. In meditation we shift in powerful ways as consciousness is always expanding.” That thought stuck in my head and I found myself remembering a scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (yes I am dating myself)…..Where they discover that V-ger has become an ever-expanding consciousness in the universe and everything that comes within its orbit becomes part of its consciousness and physical mass.

I don’t know why that movie is what came to mind but it suddenly gave me the visual that we are V-ger in a wide, vast universe and every person and thing we come into contact with becomes part of our reality and part of our expression in the world. Consciously and Subconsciously – whether we realize it or not and it all effects our relationship with this world.

The only way to effect that reality is to focus our creative energy and BE that which we want to attract into our orbit. Our own consciousness is ever-expanding, ever-increasing in knowledge and self-awareness.In enlightenment. I know the world is full of chaos, negativity and scary things. It surrounds us from every direction, all hours of the day and night but we have the power to absorb those impressions (like V-ger) and shape them into something beautiful that fully expresses our divine and unique creativity in this world.

Going back to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I don’t want people to see me as a collection of disjointed debris they can’t or won’t take time to understand adn has a hard time functioning or communicating in this world. I want to be seen as a collection of interactions and impressions that create a beautiful, one of a kind mosaic that gets better with each interaction in the world and leaves those it touches with a piece of beauty for their own masterpiece.

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