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Celtic Blessings

This evening I got an email that left me crying and laughing and thanking God for the women he has brought into my life and the many blessings and lessons they have taught me as I journey on this path. As the email came to a close and tears streamed down my face I found myself instinctively reaching for my celtic cross necklace. I almost never take it off and I find my fingers stray to it often.

It is a talisman when I am upset or afraid, it is a conduit for peace when I am nervous or anxious. It is a keeper of my laughter, the holder of my dreams. It is a symbol of my faith in God and it reminds me constantly of the three wonderful women who gave it to me. It is a bittersweet reminder of a time when so much change had not affected all of our lives.

Did you know that silver, which the necklace is made from, is the highest electrical conduit of all the elements? As I learn more and more about our bodies energetic fields I am coming to understand that this necklace really truly helps me funnel that energy into whatever means is necessary in the moment. This necklace helps me tune into God, to the healing energies within and then extend that out into my world.

It is with my full gratitude for such an amazing gift that I write this note. Thank you so much for the gift that has turned into so much more than a simple piece of jewelry. Thank you, thank you,thank you. Although I don’t think I can actually express correctly what this means to me and what it means to have received it from all of you, I hope this gives you a glimpse into my heart.

Thank you for the many blessings of this one gift to me from your hearts. I love you all!

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