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Imagine the Possibilities

Imagination is the most powerful tool we can use to create changes in our life. All spiritual and quantum teachings tell us that the reality we observe is not separate from our inner reality, the way that we think. This powerful statement means that we create what we see. When you are aware of this knowledge you can start to become aware of your inner picture and then you’ll start to notice how your inner picture very slowly will materialize into your reality. Albert Einstein told us imagination is the preview of life’s comings attractions. So if memory is our rewind to the past, imagination is our fast forward to the future.” – Spiritual Science (

In the blog post references above they also talk about Tesla and the fact that his creative process was primarily done in the mind. Yes, you heard that right. It was done primarily in the mind. By his own words, “My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.” He would do this process with his imagination.

Can you conceive of that? Can you do that? “Nikola Tesla created all of his inventions with the power of his imagination. He made a very clear mental picture and start building it up from there and only until he saw the machine in perfect detail up and running in his imagination he started to materialize in on the outside, without a prototype. He brought it to life, like he became one with the machine.” – Spiritual Science

I grew up my whole life with the phrase “if man conceive it he can achieve it.” the creative process, the imagination we are gifted with as human beings is what allows us to manifest things into reality. Its how every single invention was made. It starts as an imagined thought in someone’s mind and they work with it until they can create it in the physical world. We are so powerful and we don’t even know it.

The power of our thoughts, our imagination can literally change our lives, even our world. We are all energy. Each one of us vibrates at an energetic level. We attract to us things, places, situations and people that match our vibration. Ever met someone and felt they were “off”? Ever walked into a place and felt something was wrong with place? Ever been in a situation where everything seems above board and good but it just doesn’t feel good to you and you can’t explain it? That is our innate ability to feel energetic vibrations and recognizing that we are not in sync with the energy vibration being presented to us.

How do we change our vibration? Well, our thoughts are an vibrations too and “what we think about comes about”. Why? Because we are sending that energy out into the divine and it answers by sending back to us what we are vibrating at. Thoughts are energy and we can use our thoughts to raise our frequency into higher vibrations that will produce a higher quality of life. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”-Nikola Tesla.

Imagination is the key. So give yourself permission to daydream. Give yourself permission to imagine all the possibilities. You are literally the creator of your environment. Quit blaming the world for the circumstances you are in and create the world of your dreams. Start visualizing it and then create it. You can do this! I know you can and if you can and I can and everyone else can we have the power to radically change our world.

Happy imagining!


C . r. E. a. T. i. V. i. T. y.

*taken from the Premier Event Connection  ( blog post, As that is the blog I write for my company I get to hijack it, if I feel like it. 😊)

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Anyone who has been involved with the creative process knows that getting stuck or hitting a wall is part of the process. Everyone struggles sometimes to renew their creative spark. Being in a business where we need to stay creative makes that a bit of a bigger challenge so we have to have ways to re-energize that creative spark. Here are the just some of the ways that we do that: • connect with someone you think is creative and let their creativity generate some new ideas for you.

 • change up your routine.

 • doodle

 • play a game

 • free write

 • listen to new music

 • keep an idea journal with you at all times

 • play with toys

 • color

 • listen to a TED talk

 • take a class

 • get cooking in the kitchen

 • explore the outdoors

 • research on Pinterest

 • create a vision board

 • talk with children

 • walk through an art gallery

 • watch movies
Creativity is all about being open to the impressions of life as they flow and swirl around us. Its about letting that energy flow out of you and create something unique to you. Enjoy the process and don’t give up when you feel like you’ve hit a snag in the creative process. It’s easy to spark again.

Always Learning

When I was younger I absorbed information like a sponge. I loved learning. Okay, I loved learning with the exception of Math and Science. I really sucked at Math and Science. I’ve developed an interest in Science over the years but in no way do I think I am scientifically minded. Now Math….yeah that is still a big NO. I do math as it is impossible to live in this world and not do math on some level every day but man oh man, I really don’t like it.

As I got older I found I liked learning things related to my work but I kind of quit pursuing academic education in pursuit of life education in how to be a wife and a parent. Then as my kids got older I found myself reaching out to learn more, especially of a spiritual nature. As a matter of fact, I felt like when I was younger and absorbed information like a sponge again.

Then a few years ago I started to really embrace the creative side of my nature. I think everyone is creative in some way but I had convinced myself that I wasn’t creative at all. So, I had to undo the dam I had put in place and let my creativity flow. So I spent a few years really learning about my creativity.

So….here we are and I am finding that my learning is moving into experiential. I’m looking at learning line dancing, salsa dancing, quilting, book publishing, painting….my list keeps growing the more I look at my options. I think everyone should be learning in some way. If you aren’t growing my learning you are stagnating. Who wants to be stagnate? Not me.

Who Says I’m Creative?!

Creativity is simply the expression of the soul put into a physical medium. Sounds great doesn’t it? Sounds like it should be easy right? Well I can’t tell you how many people I come across who don’t think they are creative people, myself included with exception to writing. So my general musing for the day is why do we all deny being creaive people? Everyone has a spark of creativity within them. It is the people who fan the flames of that spark that define themselves as creative. We – you and me – we are creative in so many different ways. Some are crative with numbers, some with sciences, some with history or language and most definately there are the ones who are creative with the arts.

I attended BizJam 08 last week and when I did I was given a name badge that signified me as a “Creative”. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that altered my perception of my self. For two days, for twenty hours, people recognized me and responded to me as a highly creative person because of my job. I know I need a certain amount of creativity on the job but in that capacity it just seems to be part of what I do but ask me if I am creative and I’ll tell you no. I have several friends that argue with me over that very issue. However, that time, in that place, did something to me on a very personal level. I realized that if other people saw me as creative and I chose to operate under the title of creative that I found out I felt comfortable with the designation.

Can I go out and paint a masterpiece? No. However I know that I do have something creative to offer the world. Perhaps my creativity comes more in the form of writing or more in the form of seeing organization where others don’t or coming up with creative solutions for other people but I am creative and I am willing to bet that each living breathing human out there has the same spark of creativity just waiting to be embraced. If we each make the choice to fan the flame of creativity in our lives then together we might be able to change the world with one creative idea after another.

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