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The Counterpoint Brigade

Life is crazy. Hectic. Chaotic. You can have absolutely perfect days and days you barely make it through. All in the same day even. A good friends brother had a saying that I’ve adopted…. “This is life and I’m living it.” It is not good or bad. It simply is what is. For every breath, the Now in front of us is life. 

I try to remember that but I am as susceptible as every other person in this world to the experiences of life.  I fall into the whirlwind that is my life and get sucked along, trying to keep my mind focused on Truth while feeling totally out of control to the craziness that is my life. 

But I have a secret…..

Drum roll please…… enter the Counterpoint Brigade. Uh, what? I have collected into my life these amazing men and women who are by description:  wild, crazy, zany, fearless, strong-willed, opinionated, over-the-top, and experts at life experience. They are the people I go spend time with when I need to “get my head straight ” and “my heart figured out”.  

They don’t even understand how much they effect me. Spending a hour with any one of them transforms my outlook on life- every single time. No kidding! Spending time with one or more together is like bathing in a pool of sanity when everything else in my world is insane. 

Want to know the funny part? I think we laugh more and can be the weirdest  around each other. Most people would think we were crazy people but I guess that’s why I call them the Counterpoint Brigade. What seems one way from the outside is really the complete opposite.

Some of them might know they fall into this group but I’ve never openly acknowledged it. I just know when I need them and i know it was right when I walk away from an encounter with them focused, happy, and ready to tackle “life” again with all its crazy aspects. 

These people are the unsung heroes of my life but I literally wouldn’t be who I am without them and I hope that to someone out there that I fill this role in their life too. I hope that people are the better for knowing me and that when people walk away from an encounter with me that their life is touched, refocused, balanced, energized. 

May we all touch each other’s lives in such a meaningful way. 

Run Over by the Crazy Train

So if you read my last blog you would know that my landlord is the craziest woman ever. We have been looking for a new place to rent so that we can get off this “crazy train” ride we have been on with her. In the process of looking through home rental ads and property management company postings we saw our house listed. Available for rent September 1, 2009 for $100 more per month than what we are currently paying.

We aren’t even out of the house. We talked to her 3 days ago and told her that we were going to begin looking and most likely be out for sure by the end of the year at the lastest and October 1st at the earliest. Where the hell does September 1st come into that time line I ask you?  Not only that – we came home today and found a for rent sign in the driveway. Never mind that she called us an hour before and wanted to make sure that we were still going to be depositing the September rent in her bank account on the 1st – as if we didn’t know she is trying to get it rented out from under us by then!

She drives me freaking nuts! We are trying to find something that fits our family and business needs as we both work from home that is also within our price range. Not always an easy task but certainly not easy in 10 days. So, despite what she thinks she is getting from us – we will continue to look at our options, pack and plan to move ASAP but that woman has got to get ot of our lives. P.S. – between you and me, if she thinks I am paying her September’s rent when she is doing all these absurd things behind our backs she is high as a kite. Never! No way!

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