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The Cooking Adventures of Jamie

One of my best friends has a way of telling the happenings of her day that just delight me. Inevitably her stories make me laugh until I cry. Here is a story from her adventures in cooking some gluten free recipes that she wanted to try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ha!!! Hilarious but beneficial. Here is what I made (I literally was cooking until 10:30!)

Kale Chips: These are really good…and addicting! There is a fine line between crispy and burnt. Burnt a batch but the rest turned out great. I have decided that I do not like the way they make the house smell (kind of like cooked broccoli) but they are tasty. They are just Kale pieces, rubbed in olive oil, sprinkled with salt. They actually do kind of taste like potato chips….


Feta, Blue Cheese, Pepper, crushed pistachios, & vinegar reduction dip (got the recipe from the guy at lola): Delicious!  But made a HUGE mess. Mixed in food processor, too sharp tasting, added some cream, too runny and lump, transfer to bowl, realize bowl is too small for whipping, transfer to third bowl, drop whisk and spray counters with runny lumpy green mess, get out hand beaters, add some room temp cream cheese, whip, spray counters once again with green mess (turns out bowl still to small), transfer to fourth bowl, whip to tasty perfection. Make a balsamic vinegar reduction, decide to sniff while cooking, very potent!, about pass out… won’t do that again.  All in all the dip is very good and I ate some for lunch. If I made it again I will put in less pepper and a smidge less cream cheese so it’s a tad sharper.
Almond Flour Crackers: Super easy to make batter. Could have made them thinner, the thinner they are spread out the crispier they are. Nobody told me (and I don’t consider this common knowledge) that wax paper should be peeled BEFORE cooling. Had to throw first  batch out because they were stuck to the wax paper. Tasty little things…kind of like the nutty wheat thins.
Nut Crackers: I like these best and they turned out tasty. Definitely a fine line between done and maybe 2% too toasted. They taste like toasted nuts. I had a few with lunch that maybe had a hint of “too done” but all in all a great cracker. I like them better than the almond flour ones. I will make them again but will roll them thinner and not cook them as long. The recipe called to bake them at 360 but that was too Smokey and I had to open the windows! Not my fault…. I was following directions…


Peanut butter whipped mousse: Made this as a filling for my chocolate crepes (coming soon). Used the organic peanut butter as I figured it would be okay in something. It was not. Even my whip cream does not like organic peanut butter. It made it turn lumpy and foul in seconds.  I threw it out and started over with Jiff. It’s super yummy!!!
Gluten Free, Carb Free, Sugar Free Bread: Here is where things got tricky. I did not want to use all of almond flour for bread so since I had coconut flour I decided to go half and half. Who knew that coconut flour is SUPER absorbent and ate up my eggs and milk like a no other! Turns out (according to chef google) that  coconut flour has to be used quite sparingly. For example, a loaf of bread made with almond flour takes 2.5 cups of almond flour.  A loaf of bread with coconut flour takes 1/4 cup of coconut flour! So here I am with my 1.25 cups of coconut flour, and 1.25 cups of almond flour trying to make a “batter”.  I just kept adding eggs, cream, and water and figured I would just see what happen! I had to cook it twice as long. Smelled good, looked like bread, sliced like bread but it was so DENSE, I had to drink a glass of water just to get it down. Tried toasting it, it just crumbled. I saved it and will try to make French toast with it but I am going to have to call that a do over. Gluten Free Carb Free Bread = 1, Jamie 0.


Last but not least the Gluten Free, Carb Free, Sugar Free crepes. Delicious!! I made them for breakfast this morning and was quite impressed with myself. No trying tale to tell. Everything went as planned. They looked like crepes and they tasted delicious!!! I got 3 crepes from (1) egg and (1) TBS of coconut flour. I whipped a TBS of cream cheese, with a couple scoops of cottage cheese, added  a TBS of Splenda, and a TBS of Lemon Juice for the filling and topped with fresh smashed blueberries. They were quite tasty!!! Next time I will use fresh lemon and ricotta but I had to work with what I had avab.


All in all here is what I learned:
-Doing that many dishes really dries my hands out

-Coconut flour has super powers

-Some times thing catch fire and it’s not my fault

-I need to purchase a taller bowl suitable for hand whipping
-Cooked Kale smells like dead feet but makes a tasty treat

-Jiff PB only has 30 more calories, 2 grams more fat, and 2 grams more sugar that organic…and worth it!!! A person can burn that off with 40 jumping jacks!

I am going to try and make crepe lasagna tonight….maybe….

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