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Disconnect to really connect









We were blessed with an opportunity to spend Friday night – Monday morning at a friend’s property up in the mountains in Darrington. It was an opportunity to completely disconnect from our busy lives and just be. It was awesome.

Our biggest question over the weekend was wether to get in the pool or air by the bonfire. It was delightful. There was the beauty of nature all around us and the joy of good friends. We ate, we drank, we took mid-day naps, we laughed, we met new people, we swam, we loved on dogs, a cat and several kids.

The best part, which I wasn’t sure about, was our phones not working. I’ve become quite accustomed to being connected to the world through my little hand held device. However, after the first hour, I didn’t miss the outside world. I didn’t miss checking my emails, following all my WhatsApp posts, all my social media stuff. I actually went an entire day not even knowing where my husband had plugged my phone in to recharge for when we left.

Giving ourselves time to disconnect actually allowed us to connect with our friends and with each other. It was the best Memorial Day weekend I’ve spent in years. The best part of it is we have been invited to come back any weekend we want through the summer and early fall. Just the thought of all that relaxation has brightened my world.

If given a chance to disconnect from the world for awhile, do it. You will be happy you did.

The Moment of Change

We all have those moments where we are forever changed. From one breath to the next we are different people. The change can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual but the moment still transpires. If we are lucky we are fully aware of the transition as it is happening. Often times, we are caught in the drama of the moment and don’t realize the change has occurred until after the fact.

I have had many moments where I know for a fact that I was changed. I think big moments are easier to recognize, like when I graduated from school, became a wife, and became a mother. Those are huge life changes and once you step over the threshold you literally cannot go back to being who you once were. But what about those moments that do not get such huge recognition and fanfare? Are they any less significant? I don’t think so.

Here is an example – Back in 1996 I went to work in a sales office in Denver, Colorado and on my first day one of the sales team walked into my office to greet me and this amazing thing happened. She took a seat next to my desk and we both just looked at each other with this awareness. Two souls recognizing each other. Literally I believe that is what one of us said to other, something like “there you are.” It was an acknowledgement of what was undiscovered but known between us.

We became fast and deep friends. The lessons she taught me about myself, my mindset, my spirituality, my finances and my business acumen are invaluable to me. She awakened me to truths about myself and in exchange I did the same for her. It was like being two sides of the same coin. Over time, life happened and we went our separate ways but this woman still remains, to this day, a milestone in my life. There is before I met her and after I met her. That may sound crazy to some of you but it is what it is.

Even to this day, I will wake up and have this sense that she is having a bad day, an emotional day, an extremely happy day. I feel connected to her even with thousands of miles between us and many years of minimal communication. The interesting thing is she inevitably reaches out to me when I need to hear from her the most. Again, two sides of the same coin.

This is just once instance that I can think of where these moments of change just occurred and I am a better person because of it. I must say, not all of my moments of change were inspired by happy things. Some of them have been sad, traumatic and emotionally devastating but I have come to realize that these moment of change are what make life such an interesting journey.

The twin syndrome

Okay, so you know that a lot of twins report experiencing each other’s emotions, feeling when they get hurt or injured. Well, I think of that as the “Twin Syndrome”. Its a special connection. Well, I am not a twin. However, there have been two people in my life that I experience that kind of thing with. Its rather disconcerting at first but as time goes on you learn the benefits of that kind of connection to another human being. I kind of think of it as being two sides of the same coin. Each side is unique but they are each a part of the other and together it creates a whole.

Well, one of these people in my life just had their birthday the other day so I have spent a lot of time thinking about them this week and last week. Even with all this time and distance between us know there is still this deep connection that resonated in my soul. There are days I wake up and just know they are having a bad day, an emotional day, a good day. I know if I were to pick up the phone and call them what I am feeling would be what they are experiencing in their world right now.

Then there is my other friend who I talk to all the time and then for several days I don’t hear a word. My intuition says…hmm, something isn’t right. They are going through some kind of discombobulating experience. I do pick up the phone and find out that yes, that is indeed what is happening. We talk for an hour and both of us find we are feeling better for having connected. Its like we are each other’s life line and when there is a tug on it because the person is “drowning in life experiences” the other is there to lift them back up into the safety of the boat.

I know I’m not the only person out there that experiences this phenomenon. I love to hear other people’s stories of how they have experienced this kind of thing. It truly supports the idea that we are all one, united together in this human experience.

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