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No really, I am the Favorite

My parents have been together for almost 45 years of marriage. Their marriage has brought them 3 birth children, 1 adopted child, 4 spouses to their children, and 19 grandchildren. Despite the fact that my Mother bemoans her parenting skills (I don’t know why – they are great parents) there is one thing that she feels she did right. She made each of her children feel completely loved and special. It’s become a sort of tradition within our family about arguing for the honor of being “THE FAVORITE”.

It is not unusual to hear one of us kids talking about being the favorite and it is usually followed by another one saying something like, “You just think you are the favorite but I know I am.” On and on it continues until we all start laughing. The thing is we all know we were equally loved, equally treated as special individuals and not one of us has a doubt that we are respected for who we are.

The funny thing is that as the years have progressed and we have married our spouses have joined into the fray and now as our children have grown they also are participating in the quest to be “THE FAVORITE”. They have even gone so far as to tell us, their parents, that we will nevevr be the favorite because they are far more important to their “Nona & Papa”.

My parents laugh and smile at each other and know that they had to have done something right if we all feel like we are the favorite in their eyes. Although we don’t have any great-grandchildren added to the mix yet I am sure that when we do, someday, they will be vying for the title of favorite too. It is a legacy my parents have created and I hope the legacy continues on through the generations and I hope that someday my husband and I will be a “Nona & Papa” and that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren feel they same way – as if they are indeed our favorites. The process has started already because my children are proclaiming that they are our favorites and good naturedly arguing amongst themselves for the title each is absolutely sure they possess.

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