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Filling a need

I know some regular, everyday people that in my opinion are some of the most giving, philanthropic, volunteer focused people I have every met. They just naturally see a need and find a way to fill it. I admire that so much.

My focus for today’s post is what need can I fill? Well, there are all kinds of little things from listening to a friend who needs advice or a shoulder to cry on to the basic care of feeding people, washing laundry etc. However, something that I have noticed about myself is the fact that I can often see “the bigger picture”. I can help others to see how something in the now will affect the bigger picture or I can show people what they need to do in the moment to get to the bigger picture.

It isn’t always an appreciated skill as some people think I am putting up road blocks to their ideas or creating more work for them. Believe me, I’ve felt that way about myself when I look at the bigger picture in my own life. On the other hand, when people are struggling to see the roadmap and how their actions are leading them forward it can be immensely beneficial.

I am also an organizer. Give me a chaotic mess and I will figure out how to streamline it and make it work in a more functional way. Organization makes me happy. Chaos gives me a headache and worse yet, drains my energy. Which is why when things get crazy in my life I often get focused by cleaning and organizing something. It helps me focus and it helps those around me as well, even if they don’t notice it.

So I am wondering what is the need you can fill and are you finding ways to do so?

Never Enough Time

I am a pretty organized person. A few of my friends would say that I am neurotic about organization, especially at work. I had several years when my children were younger that my house was never clean, never presentable to the public but not so much anymore. I say all that because I feel like I have no time. I can’t imagine how everyone else gets through their day.

I leave for work early and drive an hour to get there on time. I work eight plus hours depending on whether or not we have an event going on and then I drive another hour to get back home. I have to make dinner, exercise, laundry, dishes, etc. Of course that doesn’t include all the things that get pushed out to the weekend like yard work, grocery shopping etc. I have a few hobbies I love to spend time on like scrapbooking, reading (voraciously), writing on stories of my own but the thing is…I don’t ever feel like I have time for those things.

When I do make time for those things I feel like I am letting everything else go. I know I am pretty organized but I can’t get everything done in 24 hours that I want to do and that is frustrating. What is worse is having a plan for my day, especially on the weekends and discovering that my plan for the day doesn’t at all match my husband’s plans for the day. Guess who’s plans win out? You got it…his, usually. Then I feel even more behind.

I thought that when my kids got older, they are all teenagers now, that things would be simpler but they aren’t. Instead they have gotten more complex because now we are trying to keep 5 people’s schedules organized and on track. My kisd help with chores, thank goodness or I’d be sunk but they also go more places and are involved in a lot more than my husband and I are. I think its all chaotic and when I stop to really look at how much we try and balance in the course of a week I’m amazed.

Someday, like when all the kids are gone and I’m retired I think that life will be a little simpler and I’ll probably start complaining about having too much time on my hands. Oh well…I guess it’s just what it is.

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