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Invitation to Dinner

When I was a little girl my Grandmother used to ask me who I would ask to dinner if I could talk with anyone in the world. I think it was her way of trying to figure out where my head and my heart were focused but over the years I have seen lots of people asking this same question and each time I think about it I feel like my answer is different.

When I was a teenager I would have named anyone of the music artists I listened to or perhaps one of the stars I had a crush on. It would never have occurred to me to use such an opportunity to learn and to grow. During my twenties it was all about people I respected as parental guides. Of course I was raising children and the people I respected were examples of the kind of parent I thought I wanted to be. In my thirties I would have chosen people who I admire in business. People who I thought could help me discover my strengths and my skills  as a business owner.

Now, in my forties I have realized that the people I would most like to meet are the people who can impact my spiritual growth the most. People I admire like the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra. People who can challenge me and inspire me to be a better person. To grow in wisdom. What I realize now is that who I am in this world affects every experience in this world. I would spend time with people who make me want to be a better person.

So, who would you invite to dinner? Who would you spend your time with if you were given a chance?

10 Word Challenge

One of the great things about women is we…. talk. Okay, so some men may think that’s a downside to women but in truth it is one of our greatest gifts. It lets us express the million thoughts and emotions running through our heads. The whole world runs on communication so I think its a good thing that women excel in this area.

So, for women it is pretty easy to grab a glass of wine and sit down with a friend or spouse and pour out how their day has gone. We love to talk about all the little things that happen during the day and we love it when other’s share their days with us. Even though it is easy to have those conversations I challenge you to sum up your day in 10 words.

That is the challenge I was given today. But how does one describe all that fills my day with only 10 little words? Well here is my attempt at it: “Working hours lead to dinner followed by relaxation with spouse.”

LMAO – I was pretty proud of myself for that one. My days are filled with work and then I must think about feeding my family before I begin to think about settling in to relax for the evening. Its a pretty routine day with slight variations to the daily plan. It made me laugh to see my daily activities all wrapped up in one sentence. It doesn’t seem like a very exciting life but I know that there is a lot more to those simple little words.

I challenge you to describe your day in 10 words. Good luck!

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