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Shh… It’s a secret

WOW! Have you ever let something lapse because life got busy and the next thing you know you are over a week behind? Well, apparently life has taken over my blogging but I’ve grabbed it by the tail and I am back on track. So, there will be a few multiple posts in a day to get me back on schedule. The topic for this blog is: A fact I usually don’t tell people.

I don’t have some great big, deep, dark secret that I keep hidden. So, sorry to disappoint. What I do have is my place of birth. No, I wasn’t born in some crazy place but as I am not near where I was born people are often surprised that I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. When they do find out I invariably get some kind of Eskimo joke thrown my way. Like only people who live in igloos and wear furs and mukluks can be from Alaska?

I spent the early part of my life in Kenai. It was very seasonal. Summers are warm and beautiful. Fall is cold and damp. Winter is colder still and lots of snow and ice. Spring is rain and the pot holes (OMG!) were more frequent than neighbors. It was beautiful and picturesque and someday I really want to go back and take my time touring.

I’m not ashamed of my place of birth rather that I infrequently talk about it. It’s just one of the little surprises people get when they get to know me.

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