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Double dipping

Double Dipping…. I am not talking about double dipping your veggies or chips in dip. Although I am sure I could make a post on that too. No today I am using the reference of double dipping in regards to the fact that for the next 90 days I have agreed to take part in the Team Heart 90 Day Live Facebook challenge and I blog. A lot of what I am doing in the 90 day Live video challenge is stuff I could just as easily write and post to my blog. 

I guess I decided to save myself some time and share across platforms as I can and maybe not have to create double the content. Cheating? Um….probably but that’s okay it won’t be word for word, just maybe theme for theme. 

So today in my live video I talked about taking action even when afraid. Now I am no expert on doing something despite my fear. I can honestly admit that yes, I have allowed fear to hold me back. I have allowed fear to make my decisions sometimes. It sucks. What’s worse is that no matter what I have told others I know the real reason I didn’t move forward, chase a dream, or take action. Living with my self after that is way worse than if I had just faced me fears head on and taken action. 

Fear can be debilitating. Paralyzingly so. You can literally have a whole body physical reaction to fear. I’m learning to not let fear stop me. I’m learning to take action despite the risk, real or imagined. I’m learning to stop the conversations in my head about doubt and unworthiness and I am learning to quit making excuses so I can stay in fear. I mean, who wants to live there anyway?

Everything I want, everything I dream about is literally on the other side of fear. I have to want those things more than I want fear in control. Believe me it’s a work in progress but at least I am consciously working on it. I’m choosing every day to take at least one step beyond my fear. 

Am I a raging success? Well, no but I can be as long as I don’t give up. As long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other. My point to all this? You can do it too. Just push yourself through the rapidly beating heart, sweaty palms, barely breathing moment and do it. You’ll live – I promise! 


Sunday Fun day?

It’s Sunday, June 4th at 5:00 pm and I am sitting in the sunshine. Probably burning myself to a crisp (it feels that way anyway) taking a break after spending the last few hours outside doing yard work. 

The reward is a totally cleaned front yard and back yard flower beds. Flowers that aren’t being choked out and a weed whacked yard. Then my husband and boys are up on the roof taking turns cleaning out gutters and pressuring washing the roof. So…. it’s a busy day at our house. 

After hours of work my body is screaming for a hot shower and a (big) glass of wine. I already told my husband that I wasn’t cooking dinner. I do love when the yard looks great but I’m not going to lie- I’d be very happy to hire someone else to do the work so I can just enjoy the beauty of it. 

I know some people think this is called fun and relaxation. I think they are crazy. This is NOT my idea of fun on a Sunday. So my glass is raised in a toast to you amazing gardeners. Thank God you are in the world so it looks so nice. As for me….I’m just grateful to have basics done for a little while. 

Take that step

Everyone has goals. Dreams of their heart. Things that excite them. Things that seem so audacious you are afraid to go for it. For those ruled by fear, we keep these things silently inside us, ignoring the call to do, be, and achieve. We talk ourselves out of action and, let me tell you, we are pretty good at coming up with logical reasons as to why we are better off delaying action, or flat out not taking action at all. 

Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Um….yeah! I’m no different then anyone else. I have big dreams and there are some very real fears hanging out in my head and heart that are keeping me from the life of my dreams. 

However, there are those that face their fears. Face the voice of doubt and insecurity head on. Those who keep their eye on the big goal and take the first step toward their dreams. The interesting thing is that once you take that first step the next one becomes easier and easier and easier until you don’t question. You don’t doubt. You don’t fear. Often times the first step is the biggest hurdle. 

I’ve surrounded myself with people that challenge me to go for my dreams. I will admit it scares the crap out of me but it also calls me to a higher level of BE-ing. There are definitely things in my life that I haven’t overcome my fear and made progress on but I’m learning and each small step is a step of victory. 

So today….my encouragement to all of you is this: no matter how frightening it may seem do one thing, make one step toward your dreams today. Reach for the stars and if you fail at least you fail while daring greatly. This is the adventure of life. 

I’m a very lucky person because I get to live amongst the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived other places but this has always been the place that calls to my heart as home. I love the area I live in too. I am an hour from the mountains:

And I am twenty minutes from the ocean:

I am two hours away from two Major cities. 2 hours north to Vancouver, Canada and 2 hours south to Seattle, Washington.  I live in “farm country” but I am 15 minutes from a large college city. 

Today, for no other reason than to go on a walk with my girlfriend, we headed to one of my favorite places to walk. To give you an idea of what the walk was like, we were surrounded you this beautiful forest:

These are the views that make my heart sing and make me love where I call home. Yes it can be rainy. Yes, it can be overcast and gloomy. No, it doesn’t stop us from experiencing the great outdoors. 
Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a sandy beach and some sunshine just like everyone else but this is home. 

Grow a Habit

So most people say that you can create a new habit in 21 days but science has said that it actually takes at least 66 days and for some people it can take as long as 254 days. That’s right people, 2 – 9 months! 

I have to be honest and tell on myself. I’ve failed at creating new habits because doing something for 21 days before it became something I did without thinking about it was daunting. For some that might seem like nothing but to me?

21 days of eating better, exercising more, getting an hour of writing time in everyday, getting up earlier, marketing my businesses more, gardening, blogging daily (or near daily)….. all these things are things I want in my life but the habits I need to have in place to make these things a vital part of my life aren’t there and when I think about creating new habits in these areas I feel overwhelmed. 

I know it’s important to have a good support system in place. (I have that in some areas). I know that I need to take baby steps and not get discouraged if I fail. (I sort of have that). I know mindset is important. (I try to stay positive). However, I just feel like I am missing the motivation to really put the effort in for long term change. I feel exhausted thinking about changing my habits. 

I’ve heard people say that you can’t make change until it is more painful to stay where you are. I guess things haven’t become painful enough to inspire lasting change and that actually makes me sad. I shouldn’t need things to get bad before I make things better. 

Today is a day of feeling meh and uninspired. 









We were blessed with an opportunity to spend Friday night – Monday morning at a friend’s property up in the mountains in Darrington. It was an opportunity to completely disconnect from our busy lives and just be. It was awesome.

Our biggest question over the weekend was wether to get in the pool or air by the bonfire. It was delightful. There was the beauty of nature all around us and the joy of good friends. We ate, we drank, we took mid-day naps, we laughed, we met new people, we swam, we loved on dogs, a cat and several kids.

The best part, which I wasn’t sure about, was our phones not working. I’ve become quite accustomed to being connected to the world through my little hand held device. However, after the first hour, I didn’t miss the outside world. I didn’t miss checking my emails, following all my WhatsApp posts, all my social media stuff. I actually went an entire day not even knowing where my husband had plugged my phone in to recharge for when we left.

Giving ourselves time to disconnect actually allowed us to connect with our friends and with each other. It was the best Memorial Day weekend I’ve spent in years. The best part of it is we have been invited to come back any weekend we want through the summer and early fall. Just the thought of all that relaxation has brightened my world.

If given a chance to disconnect from the world for awhile, do it. You will be happy you did.

The Top Three

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite experience has been to date. I had to think about it. I’ve enjoyed my life and I’ve had some great experiences along the way. The conversation made me start thinking about those experiences so I decided to share my top three.

My first favorite experience:

Well, I guess that would be being Miss Blaine 1985. That really changed my life. Changed my perspective on a lot of things. I learned how to interview, how to sit, stand, walk and present myself. I learned how to speak in front of a crowd and I learned self confidence. I also learned a lot about what it takes to represent your city and how to be politically correct. It was a lot to learn and a huge responsibility for a 17 year old. 

My second favorite experience:

This might sound funny to some people but I loved my first cruise. I’ve been on a couple since then but the whole experience of a floating hotel and entertainment center was awesome. You can eat 24 hours a day. You can drink 24 hours a day. You can layout in the sun. You can explore all the destinations you are in port for. It was fun and relaxing and I would cruise again in a heartbeat. 

My third favorite experience:

To be honest….this experience actually scared me at first. I went to S√£o Paulo, Brazil for work. I had never travelled internationally and I had never done it by myself either. I heard lots of scary warnings about theft and attacks and I was worried about being alone. I was forced out of my comfort zone and despite my fear I went and it was amazing! I loved it. I learned I needed to plan better for connecting flights and that I just needed to relax through customs. My biggest take away from this experience was that I really love foreign travel and I want to do it more. 

I hope to have many more adventures and experiences. It’s all about staying open to opportunities and being willing to push through your fears. 

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