Creative expression through the written word

The good trait

Come on….. I know you have one. I know there is one trait that you have that you secretly, or maybe. It so secretly, love about yourself. It’s the first train at comes to mind when people ask you describe yourself. Or perhaps it’s the one trait that you hope people associate you with. 

I believe we all have good traits even if not everyone gets to see those good traits all the time. Personally, I try to focus on the good traits in people rather than their challenges of character. I hope, people give me the grace to do the same for me. 

So what is that trait you love about yourself? Inquiring minds want to know. These traits are what make you, you and me, me. So here is my trait, I think I’m a loyal person. Once I’ve “taken you into my circle”, called you my own, whether t is plant, animal, business or person – I’m loyal to the bone. It can actually get me into trouble sometimes because I don’t know how to become “un-loyal” even when it means self-protection. 

So, as I said, what is your good trait? What trait makes you fee like you? What one good trait makes you smile when you hear people say it about you? 


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