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Swimming Upstream

Have you ever felt like you cannot get ahead no matter what you do? Like you struggle for every inch of forward momentum in your life only to find you haven’t progressed at all? I call it swimming upstream. 

I’ve been in that place more often than not. I wish I could say that I’ve only ever seen that happen in other people’s lives but that isn’t the case. I set goals. I prioritize. I work hard. Sometimes that just doesn’t seem like enough.  Been there? Understand that?

I’ve had a few days lately where it definitely feels like I’m swimming upstream. I can see the dream. I can see the end result that I want but man this hamster wheel just keeps circling and circling. I think I need some new inspiration, some new focus. I think I need to see progress in a few things so I don’t feel like I’m fighting the currents. 

Anyone got some advice for getting out of the cycle? 


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