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Sweet summer nights

It’s been another glorious day in the Pacific Northwest and I have been sitting behind my computer feverishly working since 7 am. The great thing about summer nights is that I can work late and still enjoy the sunshine with my dinner and a late evening walk before it gets dark. 

I love that if I’m not in the mood to cook I can always get my husband to BBQ. I am also not ashamed to admit I’m all about using paper plates in the summer. I mean, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen washing dishes? Not me. I also love that my body naturally craves lighter, cooler foods. Pass me the salad, please! 

Of course I also happen to love a good campfire but I am so not a camper. My idea of camping is not having room service. Seriously! I don’t sleep on the ground anymore. The days of that happening have long since passed. 

There are so many things I love about summer. Perhaps that is another post. Summer is a really busy time for me both personally and professionally and sometimes I feel like it passes me by in a blur even when I try to take advantage of it the best I can. 

Here’s to the sweet nights of summer and may we all enjoy them as much as possible! 


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