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Sunday Fun day?

It’s Sunday, June 4th at 5:00 pm and I am sitting in the sunshine. Probably burning myself to a crisp (it feels that way anyway) taking a break after spending the last few hours outside doing yard work. 

The reward is a totally cleaned front yard and back yard flower beds. Flowers that aren’t being choked out and a weed whacked yard. Then my husband and boys are up on the roof taking turns cleaning out gutters and pressuring washing the roof. So…. it’s a busy day at our house. 

After hours of work my body is screaming for a hot shower and a (big) glass of wine. I already told my husband that I wasn’t cooking dinner. I do love when the yard looks great but I’m not going to lie- I’d be very happy to hire someone else to do the work so I can just enjoy the beauty of it. 

I know some people think this is called fun and relaxation. I think they are crazy. This is NOT my idea of fun on a Sunday. So my glass is raised in a toast to you amazing gardeners. Thank God you are in the world so it looks so nice. As for me….I’m just grateful to have basics done for a little while. 


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