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My husband love, loves, loves modern architecture and the crisp, clean lines of minimalism. I can appreciate it but it’s not totally my style. That isn’t the reason we don’t live in that kind of home or adhere to that kind of lifestyle. 

The truth, I tease my beloved husband all the time that he is like Pig Pen from the Charlie Brown cast of characters. He isn’t intentionally messy but he literally leaves a wake of “mess” behind him. Sometimes he will clean up everything but there is always one item he leaves open, or on the counter or unfinished. 

He is the messy to my neat. (don’t even get me started on how much that drives me crazy.) Sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I get mad, but most of the time I shake my head and laugh. It isn’t as if he does it on purpose. He does try to pay attention but I enjoy teasing him. My own personal Pig Pen. 

He dreams about minimalism and modern architecture and I encourage the dream- we may end up in something closer to colonial but when you blend to lives together you blend two personalities, likes and dislikes as well. Either way, I love him and the “dust cloud” he creates. Good thing he loves my anal rententive organization too. At least we can lived in organized chaos together. 


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