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Motivate me

Have you ever joined something and really wanted to be successful at it? Whether you wanted to be successful for yourself or because you wanted to prove to others that you could, the desire is still there. 

Now, what if you joined and everyone around you seems to be successful and you are over here thinking, “why isn’t this working for me?” It’s really hard to keep your motivation when it feels like you don’t compare with others in the group. 

Truth; there will always be someone who can do things better than you. Truth: you can’t be skilled at everything. Truth: if you keep showing up and doing your best everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. 

I’ve struggled with comparing myself to others and of course, in my eyes I have always come up wanting. It’s something that I am trying to change about myself and it’s a slow process. 

I’m currently part of something and I really want to be successful at it but it feels like I’m trudging through molasses to make even the smallest progress. Some days I think it’s me. Some days I think it’s circumstantial. Most days I think I’m doing okay and it’s just a matter of time before things “click into place”. The hard part is staying motivated. 

Have you ever been in this situation? How do you stay motivated? How do you keep focused? What tips and tricks work for you? 


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