Creative expression through the written word

Say it shortly

I was challenged to tell my life story in 5 sentences. Easy? Um….not. Actually once I sat down to write it I realized that a lot has happened in my life. After all, how does one take 5 short sentences and explain the last 47 years.

I’ve seen this type of poetry done before and I have seen many people successfully tell stories through this method but I have never tried it before. There are some great 5 sentence stories on WordPress if you look for them and there are even scary 5 sentence stories too.

So here is my life in 5 simple sentences:

An idyllic childhood raised by loving and strong parents allowed her to take joy in her own children’s lives as they grew to strong young men. Her husband of twenty-seven years saw her through untold joys and sorrows as life whirred by like a roller coaster. Mid-life brought new challenges, taking care of parents, entrepreneurship, and the desire to create newness in her life where once children filled her world. Now, today, she embraces the unknown and looks forward to adventures yet to be taken, knowledge yet to be learned and life still to be lived.

Now….. your turn.


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