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Today has been a jumble of emotions but through it all, I have learned a lot. My day started with a phone call from a friend’s wife. Her husband, our friend, passed away last night and she wanted us to know tight away. We’ve been working closely with him all through the past year. It was an emotional blow and I felt myself sinking into heartbreak and sadness. Tears flowing I had to ask myself how on Earth I was going to pull it together enough to enjoy the rest of my vacation that I had just started. Thank God for friends who keep me distracted. 

The thing is that today I have learned or maybe reminded might be a better way of saying it, that some things are more important than others. 

  1. Life passes and you absolutely do not know when your time is up so live each day fully. Don’t put off things.
  2. Laughter heals a broken heart. Maybe not fully but as the heart always aches for the losses you experience in life but it does heal the heart and allow you to keep moving on.
  3. Surrounding yourself with nature when you are grieving or sad reminds you that all of nature is connected and we are all part of this circle. It also reminds you that you are part of something much bigger than you. It also brings peace and tranquility to the soul. 

In some ways it was a day that reminded me to be fully present with what is and to spend time in gratitude that although loss is part of the journey, so is love and connection.

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