Creative expression through the written word

Whatcha good at?

I believe everyone is good at something. The key is to know what you are good at and quit focusing on the areas where you are, shall we say, challenged? 

I’ve got friends that are great cooks but can’t bake a thing. Vice versa I know people who are genius at baking but hate cooking. I bet if someone quizzed you and named talents and skills you could think of someone who shines in every area they name. I try, as a general rule to acknowledge those around me when they shine at something they do. 1) because everyone deserves to be acknowledged and 2) when your confidence grows you are I willing to do more and learn more. 

It’s also a good exercise in gratitude to name off the things you are good at. Kind of like, I’m grateful I am good at making enchiladas. Okay so you may laugh at that but when I make enchiladas my whole family and several friends will go out of their way to come over for dinner. I literally get begged to make them. So yeah…. I exel at making enchiladas. 

What do you excel at? What are you good at that makes you feel good about it? If you are good at it, are you sharing it with the world? So many questions to ponder. 


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