Creative expression through the written word

Describe yourself

As I have aged, I realized that who we present to the world isn’t always who we see in the mirror. Our self-image is often much worse and we hope others don’t notice what we see or think about ourselves. So this got me thinking….. Who are you really? How would you describe yourself to others?

In all fairness I will describe myself first. I am skating the line of turning 50. My birthday is in a few days and I will be turning 48. I have been married to one man for 27 years and I have three sons. Ages 26, age 24 and age 21. People thought I was crazy when I married my husband after so short of time together but we knew it was right and here we are 27 years later, happy as ever.

I also used to think I was a horrible parent because I didn’t parent like most people I knew. However, my kids have turned into very respectable, responsible adults and I am very proud of them. I’m even proud of myself for having not screwed them up.

I am a loving daughter to my parents, sister to my brothers and sister-in-laws, aunt to all my various  nieces and nephews and yes I am even a surrogate mom to my children’s many friends. I am a fantastic friend. I am loyal and dependable and I give good advice when I am asked for it.

I am creative, I sing and I’m a writer. Theses are the things I believe about myself. This is how I see the person in the mirror. What about you?


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