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Admire and Inspire

Who is the most inspiring person that you have personally met?  I find inspiration from all sorts of people, places and things but adding in that classification of it being someone I have met….. well that puts a spin on it. 

So I think perhaps the newest “inspirational ” person I have met is Tara Wilson. She is a wellness entrepreneur who calls herself the  million dollar mommy.  She inspires me in the following ways:

  • Be real and authentic and those that belong in your tribe will show up and stay.
  • Nobody is perfect and our imperfections is what makes us approachable.
  • Find a mentor and learn everything you can then find someone to mentor yourself.
  • Passionate purpose can change lives.
  • Education in the things that matter to you can change your outlook on life and others too.
  • If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will.
  • You can achieve your dreams and have fun doing it. 

I definitely think we need to find ways to approach those we admire and let them inspire us to greatness but we have to be a willing student first. Are you a willing student? Ar you teachable? 


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