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She’s a Cheerleader 

What are the lyrics to the popular song, Cheerleader? “When I need motivation…..She is always in my corner……Right there when I want her…… I found myself a cheerleader…..”

We all need a Cheerleader in our life. That one person you go to who always believes in you. Is always in your corner. Always supports you and motivates you even when you can’t do it for yourself. 

I hope I have been the cheerleader in my kids lives and even my husbands. In my own life it was always my mother and even with her Alzheimer’s, she is still very much a cheerleader but the role has transitioned to a very good friend.  

We all need this. We all need that person standing in the wings cheering us on and reminding us that we are a special, unique individual that can achieve great things. I’m grateful to have a Cheerleader in my corner and I’m proud to be a Cheerleader to to others too. 

Are you a cheerleader or do you just have one? If you haven’t found the person you can be a personal cheerleader for I suggest you do. It’s actually very rewarding. 


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