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Get a goal

I think to some extent everyone has some kind of goal(s) that they are working on. They may not be public about it but there is generally always a goal people are trying to achieve. 

I try to set reasonable goals. You know, with easy to reach milestones. I try to be realistic in what I can accomplish but I also push myself not to make it too easy.  I used to think I understood goal setting but I’ve recently begun to realize that I have more to learn. 

Did you know that as humans we slow down our own success by slowing down how hard we work once we get close to our goal? It’s as if we put the goal as the highest mark and once it close we don’t see ourselves bypassing it so we slow down our progress so we only hit the goal, not shoot past it. 

I didn’t believe it at first but the more I have talked to people the more I have realized it as truth. So, now when I set a goal I over set it. For example, I don’t just want to get my finances in order, I want to be debt free by the end of the year. Go BIG! Think BIG! Act BIG! Achieve BIG!


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