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Focus! Focus! Focus?

I once worked with a gal who told me a bomb could go off when I was working and I wouldn’t notice. We shared a good laugh at how focused I can get and went back about our business. Over the years I have heard similar things but I’ve never really thought about it. 

I know some people that have a very difficult time staying focused on a task. I have seen how it can disastrous. I have also watched as people struggle to stay focused when everyone and everything around them is a major distraction. Through this process I have come to realize that I am blessed with intense focus. 

Of course I have also learned that I need to be invested in the task or I am just easily pulled away from my focus. Like housework- I can easily lose my focus on accomplishing that but everything else? Well, once I focus on it I just kind of tune everything else out. I’m not sure how I do it exactly. I do know when my environment is chaotic that all I have to do is pop in my headphones and turn on some music and everything fades away but what I need to focus on. 

So maybe a bomb can go off around me when I’m working but….I get my stuff done. 


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