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Be Open and Grow

Do you ever get in a conversation with your friends and family about where they best place to be is? You know… the best place to eat, get a coffee, buy a book, see a movie? Maybe the best neighborhood to live in or the best place to work? Everyone has an opinion. That is just part of life. The key is to make up your own mind and not be dependent on other people’s opinions. The key is to listen to your own internal voice about what is right for you but I digress a bit.

This post is about the best place to BE. For me that means the best place to BE as a person. So here is my opinion (funny as I just said to ignore other people’s opinion!) I think the best place to BE as an individual is open. If we are open to life experiences and learning then we will forever BE in a place of growth. Growth is really important. If you aren’t growing you are stagnating and stagnation leads to death ad decay and seriously….who wants that?

Being open to life has been a learning process for me. Its not as easy as it sounds. Lots of situations come up and challenge me to be open to different ideas, different concepts, different traditions etcetera. Even in the middle of situations I have to verbally remind myself to be open and non-judgmental. I will say this…. I have found life to be more enjoyable when I have been open to other experiences and I have learned a lot by keeping an open mind.

So here is my challenge to you: Can you stay open? Try it for an hour. Then try it for two. Then try if for an afternoon. Then a whole day. Keep working on it until you are actually staying more open than closed off. It will change life.



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